NTTA Class Action Lawsuit

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    NTTA CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT for excessive collection on unpaid tolls.

    $10 in tolls shouldn't earn $500 in late fees.
    If you have unpaid tolls from the NTTA (North Texas Transportation Authority) that are 30-days late, you received a notice of deliquency of some sort. If you thought you could treat this like any other slow-pay bill and waited just another couple of weeks, your original low-dollar toll probably has turned into hundreds or even thousands (or even tens-of-thousands) of dollars.

    You're probably wondering how this could be legal and how the NTTA could get away with doing this.

    The fact is, the NTTA is BREAKING THE LAW. The provision in the transportation code that allows the NTTA to collect the toll (which they should be able to) and recover the cost of collections (which they should be able to as well) ONLY allows them to recover actual costs for collection, not profit from it.

    Collections for each invoice probably average about $10 per person for a three-month collection cycle. That's all that the NTTA should be allowed to collect.

    I actually approached an attorney about suing the NTTA for their over-the-top administrative fee when it comes to collecting tolls.

    First, they only give you like 20 or 30 days to respond, which is outside of the normal bill cycle. Then if you're late from that short cycle, the hit you with a late fee, and if you go beyond that, they hit you with something like a 3000% penalty for an "administrative fee".

    This is outrageous, so I was going to be the lead plantiff in in a class-action, but life got in the way, I took a new job, etc. So now I'll just be part of it as much as I can and we'll see what happens.

    Here's some background on the North Texas Transportation Authority.
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    Did you see the latest info FOX had about the NTTA looking to contract license identification?
    The Oklahoma Prison system submitted a bid to have prisoners read the video to identify licenses for fee collection, I'm not sure I feel good about prisoners getting access to my information, I dont care how much they try to assure me they wont have access to personal info these guys arent in prison because they were honest.
  3. tbplus10

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  4. murdog94

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    Wow getting a little out of hand with this stuff for sure! Glad i dont have to deal with tolls up here in MN!
  5. tbplus10

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    Yea, I personally feel this is a small Govt. Agency that is positioning itself to be a dominating power.
    We dont need bigger Govt. IMO thats most of our countries problem at this time, their trying to be everything to everybody and failing at all of it miserably.
    I'll have to watch and see how this turns out theres a few more cases like this out there right now and I think the NTTA is getting ready to get caught in a fight with the public. Of course if the politicians arent kept in line the Govt. is going to win and crush the public. Time to mark my score sheet and see which politicians need to be voted out of office next time around.
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    I talked to an attorney and I had read the Texas code. They are ONLY allowed to recover the cost of collections. THAT'S it. It DID NOT cost $17,600 to recover money from that lady in question. It cost maybe $10. $20 is way too much actually. $17,600 is so mind numbingly unbelievable that I am still trying to get back in on the class action law suit.

    I think these people running the NTTA need to be punished, this is government abuse plain and clear.
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    This thread is now in the top 5 on Google for "NTTA Class Action Lawsuit".
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    Good because the other thing is i bet that the money they do over collect isnt spent to do any road improvements.. probably just to line someones pockets! im glad that there is someone doing about this. and TB i agree time to start the scorecard to see who we need gone period.
  9. BRYCE0477

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    Where can I find the information on the NTTA Class Action Law Suit?

    We received a bill for roughly $68.00 in tolls (1st notification) and they came in 7 different envelopes ranging from $10-$22.00 a piece each one had a 650.00 Administrative fee! They want over $4,600 for 68.00 in tolls.... ​
  10. ChevyFan

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    Hey Bryce, there were several groups that were all trying to do class-action lawsuits at the same time, so we pulled back a bit because there were already some groups that were down the road a bit in the process. The good news is that the NTTA is reeling and they are actively reviewing their collections policies. My advice to you is no advice. >I< did not pay the invoices, but I am not telling you what to do on that, just do what you think you should.

    Back to the class-action. Once I hear more about how to get involved in the suit, I will post it here on this website. I might even make a sub-forum just for this information.

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