NTTA Class Action Lawsuit

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  1. Erin

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    I'm with Bryce0477 - Desperately need Class Action info.

    We moved here late 2010 and have been using the toll roads, expecting a bill (after reading the signs "Keep Moving, We'll Bill You"). We received our very first one last Thurs, with "Violation Invoice" stamped across the top in red. For a little over $200 in tolls, they want an additional $3,550 in Admin Fees!!! There is no way this can be legal. Any advice is appreciated, I'm about to lose it.
  2. ChevyFan

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    Do you have a copy of that bill that you can scan and post online? mark out your name and address and license plate of course.
  3. rprov

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    NTTA, Texas Tollways, are they all related? I'm in Pflugerville/Austin area and I was basically cornered to pay two separate invoices for ONE vehicle. The billing system totally confuses me. Two weeks ago, I paid the first invoice for $450, which took away from my child's school clothes/supplies shopping but I thought, I'd make up for it with the next paycheck. Within one week later, I get another bill from Texas Tollways, this one was in a larger 8 x 11 envelope with a sophisticated collection of pictures of my license plate for - $1,188.30! Get this - these were violations from October to December of last year! (The bill before that were for charges 6/10 - 7/10!) My question was: why am I just getting this now and why wasn't this brought up to my attention when I paid the bill for $450?!)

    So I called them - was on the phone for 2 hours trying to resolve this. I learned that my bill wasn't $1188.30 but $1204.00! The bill listed 201 violations when there are actually 214. So why hold out on the other 13 violations? I'm sure that they didn't run out of paper to print out the rest of the violations! So, if I paid this invoice off - I would have NEVER known about the other 13 violations until I got another tremendous bill.

    I thought that I set up automatic payment but there were glitches in the payments and according to my records, it shows that I'm diligent with paying my bills via checks when I get a physical statement - it threw me in for a loop when I'm learning about this for what seems like the FIRST time.

    They ended up reducing my bill with the one-time bull**** offer that pretty much backs you in a corner. I paid $700 to rid the second bill - damn Texas Trolls! This is highway robbery, literally and figuratively. I even told the rep that I had NO money to pay her because I JUST shelled out $450 but she didn't care if my kid wasn't fed or had school clothes. It's already tough as is for the middle-class - sheesh!

    Well, if your class A suit fits my case - I will offer my support! Thanks so much for reading to my vent ...
  4. donl

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    I spent a month in Texas one week and couldn't wait to get out of there. But seriously I don't see how they can nail you with those blatantly over the top Administration Fees. Sounds like too many white collar Administrators getting fat on your money.
  5. jeffhickey

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    7/13/2012 -- whatever came of this. Now that the NTTA has shamed thousands of North Texans by listing these exorbitant fees on their website I think it's time something gets done. They have got to be breaking the law. Now with the cameras they use, some people never even know they're getting on a toll way, then they get a bill which they did not agree to and on top of that they're being charged 1000% interest/administrative fees. This has got to stop. Also, how come a private company has the right to issue tickets against vehicles which can affect the user from renewing their license? If I don't pay the toll then the worst thing I did was is that a moving violation?
  6. tbplus10

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    I read an article a few minutes ago about new tactics the NTTA is using, their now publishing the top 100 offenders names on a website to shame them into paying and their also attempting to bring the worst of the offenders to civil court, my understanding from the article is they dont have a lot of authority to go after non-payers and their legal powers are very limited, at this point its if you dont pay so what.
    This will be an even bigger issue in upcoming months and years as the NTTA is adding a lot of new roadways to their toll system, basically everything on the north side of Fort Worth. I would expect a large court case from citizens that will eventually end in Texas Lawmakers granting the NTTA broader powers to whip the public into shape. It may be quiet right now but it's definately not over.
  7. PantheraUncia

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    I hope this does not happen in North Carolina. We just got our first toll road and it took them 2 years worth of changing laws to allow the North Carolina Turn Pike Authority to exist legally.

    There is an exit that was built on 540 (outter loop around Raleigh NC) and completed before the NCTPA came in to existence with Tax Payer Money and some how they are able to charge a toll for a publicly paid for stretch about 3 miles) which I would believe to be illegal.

    Luckily I work in Raleigh (the state capital) and I was going to talk to some of the law firms in our building and see if there is any way to handle the issue with out a lawsuit.
  8. SurrealOne

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    NC can simply block your ability to renew your registration until you are paid-up with the state. This includes tickets, unpaid tolls, etc...
  9. PantheraUncia

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    Apparently that is wrong.... from a trusted source:

    If you don't pay your $0.45 bill in 4 years are they going to seize your home? Where does this crap stop? It looks like NC Quick Pass will eventually be headed down the same road that NTTA is.
  10. Coach24

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    Colorado basiccally does the same toll collection. My daughter got nailed even though she wasnt driving her car. She had lent to a friend to use. No matter car owner is responsible for the car and toll. All this on "Freeways" built on taxpayer dollars. What happened to manned toll booths. Were you pay as you go through. Lazy government? not sure but it is woth asking questions. Fortunately we have very few toll roads out here.

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