NTTA Class Action Lawsuit

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    It is not wrong. Here's a more trusted source (i.e. the NC DMV, itself):
    From that list item #1 applies:

    1. Bad Debt Stop – If you owe money to the DMV. You can pay the debt in person at Headquarters or by mail at PO Box 29615 Raleigh, NC 27626
    2. Bad Credit Warning – If you have previously given a bad check to the DMV, the Division will allow cash services only. If "no service" is allowed you may clear this stop by contacting Fiscal Section of DMV at (919) 861-3662.
    3. Child Support Stop – If you fail to pay child support you must contact the Department of Health & Human Resources to clear the stop.
    4. Correspondence Stop – Plate Stop/Vehicle Stop – Depending on the problem such as vehicle identification numbers, any problems concerning title documents, application, lien or etc. you may or may not perform registration services through the License Plate Agencies.
    5. County Tax Stop – If the registration owner fails to pay county taxes on their vehicle they must contact their County Tax Department to clear the stop.
    6. DWI Customer Stop – When a person is driving while license is revoked as a result to a prior DWI. The seized vehicle may or may not be owned by the driver. You would contact the court as they are the ones who place the stops of vehicles.
    7. DWI Registered Owner Stop – If you are convicted of a DWI. You will need to contact the county Administrative Office of Courts.
    8. Inspection Stop – If your license plate has expired and the vehicle has not passed an inspection such as a safety/emissions inspection no more than 90 days before your plate expiration date, registration will not be allowed. If there are emissions problems with the vehicle, you should contact DMV Emissions at 1 (877) 421-0020.
    9. Insurance Stop – If your insurance coverage has been terminated and you do not have a Form FS-1 showing continuous coverage, your license plate will be revoked. Upon revocation, your license plate must be surrendered for 30 days to a DMV license plate agency. Your vehicle can be relicensed on the 31st day upon payment of the license plate fee, required insurance penalties and fees, and proof of liability insurance coverage (Form FS-1).
    10. IRP/Audit Stop – If you fail to pay IRP Audit fees within 30 days from the billing date. This can limit your ability to register a vehicle.
    11. Stolen/Stopped Vehicle – A stop occurs when the vehicle is sold by a mechanic or lien storage sale, sold at public auction, judicial proceedings etc. A stolen vehicle stop is placed against a vehicle record when the vehicle is stolen. The agency placing stolen stops must remove the stop. Any questions concerning stop/stolen vehicles should be directed to the DMV License and Theft Bureau (919) 861-3141.

    Now, can the state assess compounding fees/fines? YES! Just as they can on unpaid parking tickets and other such fines.

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    I grew up in an a time and place where...... "If you can't afford it, you don't need it" So the problem is that the crazy gas tax that NC charges us here is suppose to cover the cost of building and maintaining roads.

    They need to start cleaning up their organization to save money and stop double dipping on tax payers. If you need to charge a toll to build a road. Don't build it until you clean up the mess in your own house.
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    On the flip side, you may need to charge a toll to build a road NOW that you need SOON in order to make sure existing roads are not complete parking lots due to new businesses coming into the area. In such a case I'd rather see the toll road created in support of infrastructure used to help attract new businesses.

    Even if you elect NOT to drive on the toll road ... you still benefit from it in the form of nearby roads being less clogged than they'd otherwise be ... and, thus, are getting your money's worth, tax-wise.
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    Ahhhh I love living in the west even more now.
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    Coach -- The toll road he's talking about is NC's first toll road ... and its need was driven by massive growth in the RTP area. The fact that it's taken this long to have toll roads, here, surprises me. We've had some of the best roads in the nation since the early 1900's, as our highway commission was founded in 1915 and a 40 million dollar project connecting each of the county seats (we have 100 counties) commenced in the 1920's. (Think about that: 40 million dollars of cash ... in the 1920's dollars!) Toll roads are the modern extension of it ... in the form of a use-based system to cover maintenance and the like.

    NC isn't nicknamed the 'Good Roads State' for nothing; we have one of the highest state gas taxes on the east coast to prove it, too.
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    toll road Illinois

    after passing through chicago area tolls a few times i received a large fine and the threat to suspend my license and car registration, i flipped the notice over and it read i ran ten tolls, thinking maybe one by mistake i was not to happy, i contacted the indiana attorney general, he replied with an email on numerous complaints, i sent a letter and threatened to call 60 minutes on their crooked system and they threw it all out, no apology though
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