O2 Sensors (Oxygen Sensors) Where Are they? Can Anyone Provide Pics?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by j_v_z, Nov 10, 2013.

  1. j_v_z

    j_v_z New Member

    Hey all, i got a p0154 code pulled, and actually, i have a few oxygen sensors going hay wire. was wondering if anyone can tell/show me where they are on a 5.3L 2001 1500 silverado (non hd)? Also, is there an acceptable method for cleaning the sensors? or do they need to be replaced? thanks in advance for the help.
  2. j cat

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    the 154 code would mean that the PCM/computer has determined that this sensor is not operating properly..

    this is the passenger side before cat converter sensor. since you do not know of its location I would have a repair shop check out the wiring/connector to this sensor.

    If the vehicle has well over 100,000 miles on it and these are original I would replace both upstream before converter sensors as a matched pair.
  3. j_v_z

    j_v_z New Member

    the truck has over 250k on it; I have ouly put 3000 miles on it since purchase. I am very able when it comes to working with my hands, and also very poor, I simply need a schematic illustrating bank & sensor number, and location to reference (also, I don't know what the cat converter looks like sadly). How many o2 sensors do I have in total, and are they all the same type (thread, plug etc)?

    Thanks for the help

  4. j cat

    j cat Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    sorry to hear that your with little cash and no knowledge of the vehicles operating components.

    I do not recommend you do this work with what your saying....

    I would find a relative friend and with the low cost repair manual or even to use one from a library go over the components and then start the repair. this is the best way to begin this learning of auto repair. the forums are good for giving info about our vehicles but you have to understand what members are communicating ..
  5. Conlan Rose

    Conlan Rose Epic Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts

    O2 sensors are no easy task to replace, to be honest anything that has to do with exhaust it a pain because the fasteners and threads become fused from extreme heat. I had my local shop that I trust do one of my sensors and it took them an hour to just get it out. Usually just buy removing a O2 sensor you may ruin it just because of what you need to do to get it off.

    Answering the # of sensors you have it depends on what style exhaust you have. In my truck I have dual exhaust until the muffler, but some trucks just have a Y pipe and single all the way to the muffler.

    On the dual exhaust like my truck there are 4 O2 sensors 2 before the Cat and 2 after. On the single they usually have 2 before the cat and one after.

    What does a cat look like and where are the sensors usually, well here's some pics from my 96' it should be fairly similar to your truck. Yah they are not the best pictures, but its what I have. There are also 2 the come right after each cat, but I have no pictures of them.

    2012-10-04_15-43-29_985b.jpg 2012-10-08_12-31-37_467b.jpg 2012-10-08_12-32-18_835b.jpg IMG_20130617_103945_673b.jpg
  6. Guardrail

    Guardrail Member

    Look it up on YouTube. Just type in the truck year and model and component you are trying to change and it will usually pull up a how to video.
  7. j_v_z

    j_v_z New Member

    Conlan, thank you very much. it looks like you crawled under your truck just to shoot those for me. I am very appreciate of your efforts. thank you again. I did order a chiltons this am, but it will be a bit before it gets here. I do understand how heat and exhaust could cause a sort of fusion between the 2 components. I did learn a bit from my diesel friends though about heat & pb blaster. I'll give it a shot tomorrow. Also Nelson, I spent 2 days looking for illustrations & how to's on this topic for a 2k1 5.3 silverado 1500, they don't exist, which is why I turned to the forum.
  8. Guardrail

    Guardrail Member

  9. j_v_z

    j_v_z New Member

    it wasnt the how to, so much as it was the, where are they. but thanks for the vid
  10. Guardrail

    Guardrail Member

    Well it basically shows where they are. Just start in the front of the engine and follow your exhaust pipe back. There will be one before you get to the catalytic converter and one after on each side of the vehicle. I hope it helps.

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