OBD Codes - cylinder 1 misfiring and Evaporative Emission Control - high input

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    98 Suburban misfiring - OBD codes 452, 453

    I have a 98 suburban which recently started to run rough. 5.7L Took it in and had it diagnosed, I had a worn distributor gear, replaced the distributor, still runs rough, but better. I have 2 codes popping up - PO301 and PO453. I checked the plugs and wires, all look good. Any ideas what else I should check?


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    update: please help

    Any help is appreciated!

    update: I replaced the spark plugs(iridium tip), cap, and rotor to go along with the previously new distributor. Still having problems. I also added fuel injector cleaner to the gas tank and put about 15 miles on it to see if that helped. Nothing noticeable. Do I need more miles to see an affect?

    Had the codes read again and now my 6th cylinder is misfiring (was the first) and I am getting PO 452 and PO 453 popping up. Evaporative emission control system, pressure sensor LOW and HIGH input. I didn't move the spark plug wires, so I don't think the wires are at fault here. They are also new wires from about 6 months ago.

    Please help....

    Thank you,

    Cory Anderson
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    On the codes 452 453 could be a loose gas cap... or fuel tank pressure sensor.
    On the misfire codes ..probably get more random .. sounds like injectors sticking or misfiring.
    Or main spider going bad. Or cracked lines to injectors.
    Take plenum off of cpfi system.. look for fuel leaks /clean spots on intake.
    Lines get fragile over time. Can take a noid light probe pink wire on injectors 1 & 6 see if light blinks with misfire.

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