Obd-II: Communcation Error

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    Hello All,

    I've recently come into a Pretty 04 Tahoe. I went to go get the machine smogged, she passed all the emission tests with flying colors: EXCEPT the test of hooking up the scanner tool to the obd Connector on the left hand bottom side of the dash assembly.
    I've searched around and tried finding something that matches the problem the scanner said, "Communications error..." I've replaced the Cigar Fuse(mini 15)...no luck. I broke apart the harness, enough to follow the wires to the Firewall.
    The purple(data) has some tears in it but i don't think enough to cause signal loss. The orange wire(power) as no marks i can tell. Ground(Black) is still Good.
    So here's the Question:
    The 16 pin connector is supposed to have some empty slots in it. How many wires can you see coming out the back of the connector. Has anyone else run into this problem? Fix? Workaround?

    The check engine light is not on, but i know that doesn't mean S*** these days, anyone have any new information, or a schematic. The haynes manual is lacking.... Any help is much appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

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