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  1. captivact

    captivact New Member

    Hey Guys,

    I just want to pass along that I got a GM recall letter saying that the IPC software needs to be reinstalled because it may increase the odometer value up everytime the car starts by they claim a fraction of a mile. Which if this was done on purpose makes sense as a fleet model they could be "retired" earlier with more miles accrued. Has anyone noticed mileage uptick that seems not reasonable?

    Except for working wedding gigs, most of my miles are around town and I'm approaching high 40's. Even if this is fixed it jumbles up the value of the car. Not that a captiva is a bmw, but isn't this a screwed up issue?
  2. Kggr99

    Kggr99 Member

    I too received a letter from GM about the recall.
    I also received a friendly "change your oil" reminder from my local Chevy dealership, which included the info about the recall.

    That said, I can't say I've noticed anything (odometer reading)...and I keep close records on it for tax purposes.
    I've crossed the 90k threshold a bit ago (currently around 92k if I recall).

    Slightly off topic....
    I've had other issues that I'm going to have addressed before my extended warranty expires. Most are minor, although I do hear a persistent buzz sound from the center dash (behind the radio / HVAC controls). It isn't the fuel pump (I hear that priming sound for a few seconds) and I also hear the HVAC sound (dampers moving maybe?), but this is like an electric (not electronic) buzz with both the radio & HVAC turned off. Has anyone had a similar issue?

    The other irritation is with regard to the radio. My FM reception has (over the last few months) deteriorated to the point that I have poor reception while I'm in town (which never happened previously). AM works as normal....as does XM (when they have the free promotions). This only seems to impact the FM stations. Has anyone had a similar issue?

    I'll start a new thread if anyone has any suggestions or similar experiences.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone here!
  3. RayVoy

    RayVoy Epic Member 5+ Years 5000 Posts

    The FM problem could be antenna (AM and FM use the fender mount antenna).
    The buzzing sound: just some info about turning off the HVAC and the radio. Both are still running after being turned off.
    The HVAC fan always runs on very slow to keep moisture and stale air moving.
    The radio speakers are always on (some of then anyway). The chimes and phone(s) use them when the radio is off.

    Sorry, not familiar with your truck, so I can't be any more helpful.
  4. captivact

    captivact New Member

    Kggr99 What head unit do you have? I have the touch screen one/LTZ model and I know that there's like some radio stations who have multiple HD stations so the radio seems to shuttle through say each of the 4 from that station which is annoying. The only two Phantom things my captiva does is the Touch screen will switch from radio to cd or usb randomly almost like a delayed computer action response but it's only in weather changes. Kind of like when your tire sensors change due to weather and there's nothing there. The other phantom thing is either air in the gas line for fuel pump. So sometimes at stops or right after getting off a highway sitting at a light you'll hear a back and forth from the front to the back.

    In looking up the recall issue online, on NHTSA the odometer issues is not listed at all by owners, but two major things do follow this model and it's the key ignition locking issue and then electrical issues. I was surprised to see that the locking issue wasn't recalled given the amount of complaints. So I posted on here a former issue about the transmission and that's the issue. So I wasn't alone on that issue for my captiva, but that really should've been recalled. It Appears dealers know about it, but no one was formerly contacted about it. From what you said about the dealer knowing shows that dealers must be on the offense to keep costs down having to handle gm issues. I know when I talked to a chevy dealer about the recalls they seemed like they have to be on the defense themselves to get refunded costs for fixing customer cars or they don't want the obvious reliability.
  5. Kggr99

    Kggr99 Member

    Hi captivact...

    Happy New Year....and I hope your holidays were joyous.

    Unfortunately, mine is only regular (ie non-HD / HD-2) radio signals....ie, "old school". Mine is an 2LS trim. I think only the '14 & '15 model years (and only the LT and LTZ trims) had the touch screen (or the option to add a factory touch screen head unit). I've resorted to stream TuneIn & iHeart on my cell phone via the headphone jack to the head unit (or free XM weeks).

    Yes, it does sound like you have a "phantom" in your head unit. I know the first smart phone I owned (Nexus S...circa 2010) had weird things happen, even when I didn't touch the screen. But you'd think in the years since that, GM's touch screen head units would have knocked out these sorts of problems. I know our Captiva's aren't the latest & greatest when it comes to technology (which I'm ok with).

    I too am concerned about the lack of timely communication. Seems that the media (love them or dislike them) are the first ones to report recalls way before I hear it from GM. Although, with this current recall, my local Chevy dealership emailed me a friendly reminder (mostly to remind me about an oil change). However, the recall info came out (from my research) in May 2016....again, a significant delay in time. Maybe because the recall was minor (ie, not life threatening as air bag or the ignition issues).

    I've been wondering (but not yet concerned) with regard to the ignition key (and air bag) issues. I saw your forum post in another thread and have been wondering myself. I'm taking my Captiva in for the recall "repair" today (Jan 11) and will ask them about it. My dealership had been fair when it comes to addressing my concerns (they have replaced several items, even though I'm out of factory warranty). According to the dealership, this recall repair shouldn't take very long (I'll be waiting for the repair & oil change to complete). I'll let everyone know how it goes today.
  6. Kggr99

    Kggr99 Member

    Thanks for the help RayVoy.
    Happy New Year to you!

    I'm taking my vehicle in for an oil change & to address (repair?) a recall today....and I intend to ask them about the HVAC & FM reception. I'm hoping it is a loose antenna wire too. Certainly plausible. Was also thinking it could be a power wire that has worked itself loose and is near the speaker wire.

    I'll let everyone know how it resolves after my appointment today.
  7. Kggr99

    Kggr99 Member

    Well, a quick update to everyone about the odometer recall for our Chevy Captiva Sport.

    I took my vehicle in for an oil change...and to address the recall.

    In short, everything went as planned.
    Honestly, I can't tell there was ever a problem (ie, my vehicle runs / operates as it had previously).

    Just an FYI to everyone who hasn't done their recall yet.
    The biggest issue (a bit of an inconvenience) was that this update resets some of the driver info screen back to defaults....and although the radio stations were held correctly, all of my tweaking (balance, fade, eq, number of favorites, etc) were all back to default. I have the "base" model radio, so those with the touch-screen radio might include additional changes. It took me a few minutes to "fix" those items back to my preferences. The driver info area was also reset....odometer, mpg, tire pressure, etc.

    It would have been nice if my dealership let me know some of the settings would be lost, as I at first, panicked when I saw incorrect settings on for my tire pressure (was afraid I would need to have the TPM reset). The other settings were easy to reset, but again, it would have been nice to know it was going to (or could) happen.

    As I was on a limited time schedule, I couldn't resolve an HVAC & FM reception problem, but intend to on my next visit.

    Hope everyone is having a great 2017.

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