OEM Center caps- which ones fit 94 vandura 2500?

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by Kingstud, Aug 8, 2010.

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    OEM Center caps- which ones fit these wheels?

    Hi guys,
    I cant figure out which hubcaps fit my 94 vandura 2500, I've got 5 lug, 15" wheels. They don't have to be correct for the year, they just have to looks more or less stock. I like the look of the old dog dishes. Cheap is good too.

    Any help, I've all but given up.
    Edit: adding a pic of my wheels for identification 8-10 007.jpg
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    s-10 rims may fit your van, i beleive its the same bolt pattern, i am having the same problem trying to find used rims for my 75 caprice, i have a s-10 jimmy i will try and see if they fit
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  4. Kingstud

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    So a friend said he was going to some junk place, he said they had about 90,000 hubcaps but they only open the doors by appointment and I should go. Wow it was awesome, every kind of old pontiac, willys and ford flathead v8 logo hubcaps, all beautifully made and heavy chromed! it was a wonderful sight I only wish my children were there to behold it.
    I told they guy what I was looking for and after rooting thru a couple of boxes he pulled out 6 GMC dog dish's. We tried one on the van, it fit!!! I bought 4 for $20, going back for the other 2 ;) Did I mention 2 were brand new?

    I was nervous all the way home, watching the rear view for anything shiny flying down the hiway.
    8-16 003.jpg

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