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  1. MBurke

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    Hello, Is there anyplace that has a 2 channel line Out Converter that would plug into the OE head unit and OE wiring. I would rather not have to splice into the speaker wires, would be nice to just plug into the OE plugs that are there already. I have a 2004 Silverado Ext cab and I want to add a sub,amp setup to the stock stereo system (non bose,non onstar) just a stock 6 speaker system. I have seen a web site that has alot of wiring harness's that fit OE plugs and thoght they had some line out converters but can't seen to find the site now.
    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated,
  2. MBurke

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    First i have ever seen anything like that. If you get it let us know as this is always of question in the audio section, I know that alot of folks would be very appreciative of feedback on this product!!
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