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    my 01 1500HD is stuck in 4WL right now, and i think i have it narrowed down to the encoder motor. i've already replaced the switch and the next step according to everything i've read is to change this. the problem i'm running into is that there are two different part numbers that my truck might use, and i cant tell which one i have. there are no numbers on the part itself, and the dealership won't tell me the part number, only that they had one that will work. i was told to check the OEM numbers, but i have no idea where to find this info. any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance. -Garrett
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    Chekc Rock Auto the list the OEM numbers usually Here is what I found there

    ACDELCO Part # PT1580 {12-WAY MALE BLACK #88986263}
    * Non-stock item--shipping delayed up to 3 business days


    And these motors

    A-1 CARDONE Part # 48105 {Reman.; For Vehicles w/RPO code NP1}

    $129.79 $25.00 $154.79
    DORMAN Part # 600907 {OE Solutions #12478096}
    w/2-Speed Electric Shift Transfer Case

    $174.89 $0.00 $174.89
    DORMAN Part # 600901 {OE Solutions #12474401}
    w/2-Speed Push Button Transfer Case; w/6 Terminal Plug, w/4 Terminal Harness Plug

    $185.79 $0.00 $185.79
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    thanks man. i'm just getting the hang of working this google machine on the interweb:money: i guess my next step will be to pull the old one and look at the plugs.

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