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  1. redchev4x4

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    does any one know where a person can get oem style seat covers,, a selection of oem patterns and such.
    my drivers side seat portion has worn through and looks like crap... most of the aftermarket seat covers look decent
    but not even close to the pattern,,, i don't want to change out all of the seat covers if i can find a pattern like mine.
    or is the bone yard the best place to start? it is a dark gray houndstooth type pattern

    terry m

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    Terry......to find a OEM/Factory Seat Cover for your Truck, E-Bay would be a good outlet to check,

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  3. Pikey

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    Check out theseatshop.com. They used to have the leather bottom for my drivers seat for $110, they are now $195. But, worth a look

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    sorry, I just looked, they only have leather.

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