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Discussion in 'Chevy Express Forum (GMC Savana)' started by blackburb, Mar 13, 2013.

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    I am currently contemplating moving up from my 94 Suburban to a 00-03. While searching the net, I learned that there are Express vans with AWD. A van might actually be better for me as it would have more interior room (with all the back seats out) than a Burb. However, I need it to tow 6000lbs + and also get me into our hunting camp. It's not big time mudding or rock crawling, but it is 6 miles of off road two track ruts and rocks. How would a 1/2 ton Express with the 5.3 handle the towing and off road stuff?
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    Its been a while, but i'm pretty sure that the towing stats are at or near the trucks of the same powerplant and tranny configuration. I towed with a mid-90's, but that was a HD van and it was 60% on pavement and 40% on compact dirt and some gravel. Never had any issues, but it was a heavier-duty setup. Let me look up the towing specs when I get to a computer again, unless someone else knows.
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    the towing part is where they get ya. I am sure you could do it if it was just occasionally, I used my '00 Silverado 1500 to tow that much quite a few times with out a problem, just wasn't fun doing it.

    Personally if I were REAL serious about it, I would look for a used Quigley converted van. Full 4 wheel drive, and you can get them in heavier versions (2500, 3500, etc) BUT, there is a huge price difference. Probably close to 10k for the van with a conversion.

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    My awd van has hauled a bob cat and then went back for a mini excavator,,

    It hauls it ok it's the stopping that will scare you!!

    Mine is awd,, off roads are not a problem either,, it's clearance that bites you in the ass

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