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    Here's another newbie question -

    I've got a 2010 Sierra Hybrid; and am going to be puttiing a whole bunch of 2-way radios into my rig (basically, a Search and Rescue support vehicle). I'm thinking about a 2nd battery (AGM, probably an Optim or Sears Platinum Die Hard); but, GM put all the Hybrid gear where the second battery would "normally" be (RH rear of the engine compartment) - so, I'm looking at putting it in a box in the (canopy covered) bed. Of course, I'll need the electronics (switch, etc); and, given the long cable run, I really don't want to try that myself.

    So - can anyone recommend a good shop in Seattle (or maybe even the Eastside) that does this sort of work and would be able to assist?

    Thanks in advance!
    Clay Jackson

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