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Discussion in 'SC - South Carolina Chevy Truck Club' started by jonkun227, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. jonkun227

    jonkun227 New Member

    We (my family and I) just moved from Utah to South Carolina. I had lost my job a while back and despite our best efforts we couldn't find any real prospects in Utah. My wife got a job as a massage therapist at a spa here. We're staying in my wife's aunt's bed & breakfast in Georgetown until we get set up with our own place.

    But this morning we found out she is very unexpectedly pregnant. Not to share too much information, but apparently she ovulates at a very unconventional time of the month.

    Anyway, she has very difficult pregnancies, which makes it even more important for me to find a good job. I've been looking on craigslist & such, but now I need to really ramp up the search and network in any way I can think of.

    So, anybody hiring?

    I was most recently doing project management for a software company before they let about 60 people go at once. Before that I was running my own portrait & wedding photography business while working in the large format sign business. I have done prepress, graphic design, and printing (screen and medium to grand format inkjet).

    While I have never been employed in construction I have extensive experience doing remodeling projects with family members. I am a very fast learner and a hard worker, and I'm open to trying just about anything. (Let's just say there's a reason I didn't go to med school, and it's not that I couldn't understand the subject matter.)

    PLEASE keep your eyes and ears open to any opportunities within a reasonable drive of the Georgetown/Myrtle Beach area. Obviously the better the opportunity the more realistic a long commute is.

    THANK YOU!!!!!

    - Jon Miller
  2. ChevyFan

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    Hey Jon, lots of folks on here are in the same boat. The economy is moving again, I've noticed a bunch of jobs open up recently and I've gotten my foot in the door to at least three places at this moment.

    I was thinking of putting up a temporaty "GMTC Network Job Bank" forum on here so people could share job tips and who's searching for what type of work as I've heard privately from a lot of folks that they are sans work right now.
  3. BurtsBurb

    BurtsBurb Member

    That's tough, Jon. Down here it's pretty bad. Company I work for is down to bare essential staff, trying to make it to the light at the end of the tunnel . . . if there is one. SC is one of the hardest hit states in the USA. Best of luck with the job search, and congrats on the baby on the way.

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