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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by bigbuck493, Aug 18, 2014.

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    I was recently told state laws require any "offroad lights" to be covered when on roadways... kinda screwed if i get pulled voer because i was told its a 175 dollar fine and i cant remember what i did with my daylighter covers, i just have the stone guards... other thing is i wanted to get some 7.5" spot led light bars and mount in my fog light area of my ranch hand using the brackets it came with and id aim them at the ground so they dont bother drivers but enough so they go out far on the ground. spots because then the light wont flood into the oncoming eye. anybody that is a cop, or anyone have experiemce with this, i was also thinking of buying some actuators and fabbing a plate and harness so that i can switch the actuator and have a plate come up over the fog hole in the bumper but really dont wanna have to do that. please someone give some ideas or experiences. i dont want dull halogens :(((
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    That could be just one of those things thrown in there that gives cops reason enough to ticket a driver if they are being an *******(the driver) and have nothing else to legitimately ticket for? I know in IL you can be ticketed for not having mud flaps, and for having a receiver hitch in but never known anyone to get ticketed for either
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    its one of those things I wanna check about because I mean... id be getting 800 in tickets just through fogs and kcs. I really don't wanna have that happen hahahaha. I figure talk around and see ahead of time before so I can get some feedback. I contacted the NY State Troopers and waiting on a response from them. but I figured it would be that way but again my mechanic knew someone that had 2 on the bumper, 4 on a roll bar, and 2 by the windshield and only was doing 10mph over on the expressway. 65 in 55 and got ticketed for speeding, for the 8 offroad lights which weren't on or anything, and some other petty stuff. he knew somebody that got their plates taken and truck impounded and spent a night in a cell when there was a cop behind him and he had somebody cut him off and he had the lights wired to go on with the high beams so he flashed em and well yea....
  4. jmcover

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    Every state is different but it is common for off road lights to require a cover. From California:

    24411. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a vehicle may be
    equipped with not more than eight lamps for use as headlamps while
    the vehicle is operated or driven off the highway. The lamps shall be
    mounted at a height of not less than 16 inches from the ground, or
    more than 12 inches above the top of the passenger compartment, at
    any place between the front of the vehicle and a line lying on a
    point 40 inches to the rear of the seat occupied by the driver, shall
    be wired independently of all other lighting circuits, and, whenever
    the vehicle is operated or driven upon a highway, shall be covered
    or hooded with an opaque hood or cover, and turned off.
  5. squatchy

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    Haha yeah having them wired to the brights will get you nailed. Idk that any state allows more than 4 forward facing light to be illuminated. I'd just wait on the response from the state troopers, thats gonna be the best answer
  6. bigbuck493

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    yea theyre taking forever thoughhhh... im honestly just wanting to do it but even if i get an automatic cover for it then i cant even use it in normal terms. so im debating on making some kinda mount right where my towhooks are so theyre concealed and i can turn em on with my fogs and theyll be hidden... i just wanna get some response from the troopers and i will save and print it out and keep on my glove box

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