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    Well, today for the first time in the S10, I decided to go and spray out the bed of it....Then I got the bright idea ( which is always a bad thing ) to ask my german buddy where I could go offroading around there. Well, he looked at me with a ****eatin' grin on his face and said, in ****ty English with german accent, " You wanna go Jim? I know of place close!" I said oh ****......let's go! Well, for it only being a 2 wheel drive truck, she only got stuck in the mud once....and since it was his idea to go there in the first place, I made him get out and help me rock it clear. A few cus words in german (and english ) later we were on our way to some things I never though this little truck would be able to handle! But she did! We feared we would be stuck for good and wouldn't be able to get ahold of anyone so we decided to leave. Now we are going back Monday afternoon with my S10, his dirtbike, a friend or two and his Jeep ( which is built for this crap ) and of course a cooler (or two) of beer. thank god my friend is going in his jeep, as I will most deffinately need help out of the hole I want to go into. We both have tie straps so we can get it out. I will also be bringing my video camera for the dumb things we will be doing and getting stuck in. I will post the pics and video on my photobucket account and post the link on here for anyone that wants to check out how we go offroading here in Germany. I just hope I remember to bring enough blank dvds for this occassion....This has bad written all over do the math...

    4/5 guys
    1 truck, 1 dirt bike, 1 offroad Jeep
    alot of beer
    video camera
    a place to go offroading and noone lives anywhere near there

    The videos and picks after all of this will speak for themselves. I will post pics of the before and after :great:
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    Sounds like its gonna be a great time.
    I was stationed in Weisbaden in the late 90's and we used to wheel on the old tank training track, there were holes big enough to swallow a full size truck.
    I watched a couple soldiers lose a Duece and a half and a tank recovery rig in a huge hole one night on training manuevers, all you could see above the water was the tip of the antennas.

    The Alps have some great places to go snow wheeling, but you really want 4wd there.
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    I got stuck with my 2wd lifted s10 once and had to have a lowered Silverado pull me out.

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