Offset steering wheel and loose steering 99 GMC Suburban 2500

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  1. f9sully

    f9sully New Member

    Hi all,
    New to board and have spent a little on previous posts, but I haven't seen mention of offset steering wheel with the usual float/loose steering issues. My steering wheel is offset about 20 degrees left to maintain straight when driving. The steering wanders a bit and has a dead zone of about +/- 10 degrees. The truck was recently aligned with no help. I am leaning towards the steering box but wanted to get any other ideas. The rig has 127k miles.

  2. Pikey

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    Welcome to GMTC! Does your Suburban have the speed sensitive steering system? I have seen some guys with issues with dead spots with those systems. There is a plug on either the power steering unit or the gear box. I am pretty sure it is a electronic connector on the pump. If you disconnect the connector the electronic valving no longer woks and the system reverts back to a regular power steering system. I would try disconnecting the electronics from the PS pump and see if it fixes your dead zone.
  3. f9sully

    f9sully New Member

    I'm not sure whether I have the speed compensating system or not. I will take a look tomorrow morning.

    thanks for the advice.

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