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    Sometimes I have a hard time believing that I've had this little commuter car for six years, but I have. It was bought as a quick (and temporary) cash replacement car after my wife's Pontiac was totalled (by an undocumented driver who didn't speak English and didn't have Insurance!!!!)

    Anyhow, it's a good commuter car, runs good, drives ok, very few problems. I figured I'll keep it through the summer at least and maybe to the end of the year. Got the oil changed today at the local Texas Oil X Change and really don't have any complaints.

    This is a smaller chain just in North Texas I think, maybe they're more spread out in the state. They got my oil changed, fuel filter replaced (after the fuel problems I was having last month - it's good to get that checked out), and got new wiper blades too. It was a little pricy, but I didn't have to do anything.

    One thing that was cool is the manager, Mike, helped out a customer by documenting a problem that should be covered under warranty. Used his cell phone to record some video and emailed it to the customer with notes about the problem so he could get it fixed. That's pretty good service.

    I'm somewhat partial to the place that keeps going out of business/changing owners in town, that does a free car wash and vacuum with an oil change. Not too far away, it's nice to have a clean car inside and out too from time to time, but they don't do fuel filters.

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