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    The owner's manual on my 2005 TrailBlazer shows how to re-set the oil change warning light by using the ignition and tapping the brake. I have, with previous vehicles, changed the oil every 5,000 km, but there is no such recommendation in the owner's manual.

    I have now gone about 11,000 km since the last oil change; the oil appears to be clean and at the correct level, not surprising with an oil capacity of 7 litres of 5W 30. How many km (or miles) must generally pass before an oil change is required?
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    There are a lot of factors to consider on oil changes. You have to look at how fast you are putting on the miles, are there a lot of short trips, driving conditions, etc. You can also use your oil life moniter to help you decide. Oil changes are cheap insurance to maintaining your engine so I always would rather cahnge it sooner rather than later. I personally use Mobile one full synthetic 5w 30 and change it every 6,000 miles or 6 months. Probably overkill but I plan on keeping my 2002 TB for a long time. I bought it brand new, its paid for, and I enjoy it tremendously. I have been following that formula and I have 63,000 miles on it and no signs of engine trouble. I will probably have an oil analysis done at 70k to moniter the oil quality to make sure everything is fine.
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    Good advice. Consumer reports did a study about 10 years ago on NYC taxi cabs. They found that the best interval for oil change was right about 7500 miles actually, and that was some of the harshest driving conditions, with the exception of the southern heat and humidity.

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