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  1. jn6967

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    Ok, gang, here's the skinny.....

    I own 2003 Sierra. Just turned 66k. I bought it when it had 63k on it. I changed the oil when I first got it and just recently again at 66k.( I am anal about the 3000 mile thing) Anyways, after I had changed the oil, the "change engine oil" message appeared when I first start the truck. I did not even know I had that on the truck. Well, I cant figure out how to reset the message. Does anyone know how to reset the messages?

  2. CarpenterGuy

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    I make sure to change my oil ever 3000 too. It bugs me if i dont.

    To reset the engine oil light, you have to turn the key once and pump the brake 3 or 4 times (cant remember) and then turn the ignition off imediatly after that.
  3. dwill3015

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    To reset the change engine oil light message, turn the ignition key to run with the engine off. Fully press and release the accelerator pedal three times within five seconds. If the change engine oil message flashes for five seconds, the system is reset.
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    haha i didn't even know that ! :great::great: does that work on my 07 ??
  5. jn6967

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    Thanks guys, I'll give it a try next time out.

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