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    Thanks for the follow up. I could never figure out why synthetic blends were ok, but switching from conventional to synthetic was supposed to be such an ordeal. Some people seem to freak out about changing from 5w30 to 10w40, even when they are within mfr specs. And even more freak out about the conventional to synthetic conversion. I have enough to think about without over thinking about this.
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    As long as you change the oil and filter at regular intervals, 3000 for conventional oil, and 5000 for synthetic oil, that is what is most important. If you have an aluminum block engine or an engine with aluminum heads then synthetic oil is the way to go, but if your engine is all cast iron, then conventional oil is just fine, as long as it is changed with a new filter every 3000 miles. As for switching from one to the other, that is fine, but be aware that synthetic oil will clean very well, and may make a leak show itself if the gaskets have some ware, or if there is an oil leak, synthetic oil will usually make it worse. As for brand, that depends on where you live when it comes to oil. If you live where it is hot most of the year, then, Pennzoil, Quaker State, and Castor oil are to be avoided. These oils tend to brake down in hotter climates. I have seen this with my own eyes. When it comes to filters, there is a difference. Fram is trash. ACDelco is good, Wix is good, I look at the size of the holes in the filter where the oil passes through. Bigger and more holes are better, but the filter material is also important. If you have AFM then synthetic is the way to go. In my 20 year old 5.7L truck, I use Valvoline and a ACDelco, wix or STP fiters. I used Shell Rotella for a while, and that is also grate oil. So is Havoline, Mobile 1, but like I said, if you have AFM, synthetic is the way to go.
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    Thank you for the write up. Lots of good knowledge on this club.
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    Great post Kenny. The hi mileage vehicle and potential leaking of synthetic has been a concern for me, so this post is helpful.

    Folks seem to have different opinions on oil change intervals, so this is an interesting topic of conversation. While I don't disagree with you, I sometimes stick with the manufacturer recommendations and these are sometimes different (more miles) from the intervals you cited. But no one can go wrong changing oil more often.
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    Yea my Toyota 4 Runner says conventional oil every 5000 miles. Sense my wife drives this, she likes to follow what Toyota says, so that is what we do. Happy wife, happy life. In the old days when I was a mechanic in the late 1970s. every 3000 miles was the rule. To this there are exceptions of course. If you drive in dusty conditions, then you need to change you oil more often. Oil is the blood of you engine. If you keep it changed like you should, the engine will last like it should, baring any catastrophic failure. My 20 year old truck has 230,000 miles on it, and I run it hard. I have a lead foot. The truck has always had its oil, and filter changed every 3000 miles. The old 5.7L does not burn a drop of oil, and will smoke the tires. It does have performance mods, but I have never been inside of the engine any deeper than the intake. I had to replace the intake gasket, because of a coolant leak @ the head,intake,black area on the drivers side, next to the fire wall.
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    I hanged my 2000 from conventional to synthetic around 175k. Never had a problem with it and was around 207k when i got rid of it
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    Good to know, thanks!
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    Get the best price you can on a synthetic 5w30 and enjoy life. Even the Supertech "walmart" oil is pretty good quality. It compared favorably with all the other name brands in the Petroleum Quality Institute of America testing. Even many of the syn blends are pretty darn good. No need to overthink things and no need to spend more than you need to. Sales and rebates are wonderful things!

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