Oil Comming Out Of The Dip Stick

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Zink, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. Zink

    Zink New Member

    I was test driving my 78 K-10 today and notice pillows of smoke comming from my hood. Thinking it was spill over from oil I didnt think too much of it. Regardless I opend the hood and saw a decent amount of oil pouring near the back of the valve cover. Without careful observation I pull her into the garage and change out the valve cover gasketes. Fired her up, same problem. This time I paid much more closer attention to it and shun a flashlight right at the dipstick. Lo and behold it was bubbling out from the top of the tube. My oil guage read 60+ lbs (pressure guage only reads to 60). Thinking that my PVC valve is faulty although brand new, I decided to abolish it for the time being to see if it would temporarily solve the problem. After being idle for a few minutes and carefully watching the dipstick no more oil came out but my pressure was still above 60. My rockers sounded loose so I quit running the engine to tune them. I am going to do a test of driving her around for a little bit with the pvc valve off to see if the problem occurs during motion. Im a self tuaght 'mechanic' and not so much knowledgeable of the complete workings of a vehichle, any input would be appreciated to solving this issue.
  2. Zink

    Zink New Member

    To add some extra information; I just recently installed the pvc to be able to pass emissions. Before the installation of the pvc it had a breather with no hoses, and never had the problem. Hope this helps a little better with diagnosis.
  3. werty

    werty Rockstar 100 Posts

    78 doesnt qualify for pre emissions??i think here it does...they wont pass the breather...i assume you have the correct amount of oil in it...did you install a high pressure oil pump or is it stock?
  4. Zink

    Zink New Member

    Yeah I know she is considered an antique right now, but Alaska doesnt seem to want to go by yearly guidlines so we are stuck at 1968 and older for no emissions. I did 5 quarts on the oil change with penzoil and dipstick read full. As for the a high pressure oil pump, I'm not too sure. I got this block from the pistons down bored .040. Ill drain a quart or two out of the pan and see if there is a change with pressure and a pvc hooked into it. Was also told to swap the pvc to the driver side instead of the passenger?
  5. ct9a

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    Is the oil pan on the motor stock? Also, when you do an oil change, you're not supposed to fill it to the "full" position on the dip stick, go half way between the top reading and the bottom reading, it might be as little as a 1/2 qt. difference, but since it seems you're having problems with crankcase pressure, it might be worth checking into.
  6. Zink

    Zink New Member

    When I pulled the valve covers off to adjust the rockers there was a white foam on the walls of the covers. Definately not the color of a cracked head with antifreeze getting into the oil. Im guessing it was a good amount of condensation. Giving her an oil change right now as well as connecting the PCV to the carburator rather than the air cleaner. also noticed that my secondarey throttle plates were not opening as well as the electric choke not engaging. Whistle while you work.
  7. John W

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    Check to see if there is a filter inside the breather where the hose hooks up to the EGR valve. If that filter is plugged or the hose is plugged the engine vacuum will not suck the air and moisture from the crankcase and cause a pressure build up and condensation inside the valve pans plus the pressure will build up enough to blow oil out of the dip stick. I've seen trucks sold cheaply because the owners taught the engine was bad when that was the only problem. If it is not that check the compression because you may have ring blow by or a cracked piston. Good luck.
  8. highmilageklr

    highmilageklr Member

    +1 on the blow by. Blow by is the only way I have ever seen oil come out of the dipstick tube. Unless it's over full of oil by quite a ways. I'd guess a burnt or dry ring.

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