Oil Consumption Issue

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Jeremy09LTZCrew, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Sierraowner5.3

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    id be curious to know if its coming from the AFM feature. i seem to recal a few threads discussing the afm engines using oil, and non afm engines running just fine.

  2. catmechanic07

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    I doubt its due soley to the AFM valve. I just happened to check my oil last time I rotated my tires. Sure enough I was 2 qts low. I have a Diablo tuner that does away with the AFM system so mine runs v8 mode at all times. I am going to call my stealership or go by there one day this week. I also run a heavier oil weight due to the Diablo. They will probably tell me mine isnt covered because I have a lift on it (which doesnt affect the engine what so ever) but they will still say that......Ill bet any amount of money. If they do......I will be calling GM in Detroit over this crap
  3. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    If they tell you that, bring up the Magnusson Moss Warranty act and come with a printed copy of the TSB. It's a known issue with GM and they can't ignore it, particularly not due to a mod that wouldn't effect it under the act. Granted the dealership can still just tell you to screw off and sue them, but for every dealership like that there's another somewhere that actually likes getting repeat business.

    My truck should be going in for the next check on oil consumption and I'll definitely keep you all updated. [MENTION=32395]kiowamtp[/MENTION] that's exactly what mine was doing and the first time I did it, I was getting close to time for my oil change so I didn't think about it. But when it did it a couple of weeks after getting the oil changed, that started setting off alarms in my head. According to the TSB, if it is outside the published acceptable oil lose, they know the culprit and will fix it. I can understand why they'd want to be certain beforehand though since the fix could be anything from a new part to a whole new engine. We shall see.
  4. The Heater

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    They have to do something if your truck is consuming more than the threshold limit for oil between those 1000 mile checks. Every manufacturer has a procedure. However, the cost of the work they do may have to be borne by the individual dealer. What this means is they will avoid doing anything if possible.

    Make sure you get something from the service technician or service manager about what that threshold limit is for your engine. And if it is over that limit, what do they do? Replace the motor? Ask now, before the testing is done. Waiting too long to make them do something can hurt your case, so when you find out what they conclude, stay on it.
  5. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    This dealer's always treated me pretty well since I bought the truck from the, but I agree. I'm making sure my wife keeps all of the records and I know she's spoken with the service manager about it a couple of times. He was aware of the issue and the TSB and explained to her he wanted to get the tests done to ensure it's covered under warranty without any issues. The first time she took it back they couldn't find the paperwork, but they checked the oil and found it was down 2 quarts already and documented that. She'll be taking it again soon so hopefully I'll know something a bit more concrete.
  6. catmechanic07

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    Talked to the dealer today. I have an appt to hve the oil changed there this Sat. They are going to start doing oil consumption testing on the 1000 mile marks. When I called them.....they acted like they didnt know about the TSB so I told them I had the TSB #. They were amazed I had that and then asked how I got my info. I told them and also told them about the oil consumption.

    If you look at you exhaust tip or tips......are they black with a lot of suet in them? Mine are black as coal and have a powdery black dust in them.

    My mom has a 2009 Silverado as well and the exhaust still looks like brand new inside the pipe. If they wont fix it......I will have a lift, exhaust, Diablo, and tow mirrors for sale. I will be trading for a 2012 F-250 FX4
  7. kiowamtp

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    My exhaust tip is black and sooty as well. I am concerned that my catalytic converter will go out prematurely as well. I would verify the oil level while it is at the service department before departure. My dealership overserviced it by about an inch above the upper hashmark on the dipstick. I called the Service Manager and he explained to me that checking the oil after it sat for after an hour (I am in Texas in 80 degree weather) or more that the oil reading on the dipstick would show more than if you checked it after being at operating temps, turning the ignition off, and checking the oil 15 mins later. IN my opinion th elonger you sit at normal temp the better the oil check will be as all the oil has completed settled. When he startedd talking about oil passages, tight tolerances, yada yada yada I shut down. So just to appease him I performed the check and guess what, the oil level was the same as before. I marked it with a small scribe and we are going to use that line for the 1,000 miles reference.

    I also asked if there was a problem with having the oil above the line and overserviced. He says no. The vehicles will operate just fine with seven qts oil oil. I guess the owners manual stating operating engine with oil above the line may cause damage is completely bogus.
    Makes me wonder if they even changed the oil and filter. What color is the GM oil filter? The one on there now is blue and I cannot read the numbers.

    Should I go to a different dealer? Anyone else experience dealers trying to skew the test results by overservicing the oil? I believe I will call GM customer relations tomorrow.

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  8. Jeremy09LTZCrew

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    I'll admit this has me a bit concerned as well and I'll need to tell my wife to ensure she checks the oil level as soon as they're finished changing it. I know there's a consumption issue and if I find out they did something similar I'll vastly change my opinion and reviews of the dealership and service dept.
  9. osgprometheus

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    I call BS. After they change the oil, it should be right on the full line. NOT over.
  10. Sierraowner5.3

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    there is no reason to overfill, ever. im gonna have to pay a real close eye on my truck. the 03 I had, and the 05 both held the oil levels perfectly. didnt leak or use any.

    i reset the trip odometer when i picked the 11 up, ill have a look at 500 and 1000.


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