Oil Consumption Issue

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Jeremy09LTZCrew, Apr 11, 2012.

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    I agree 100%.......your "stealership" is up to NO GOOD! I will make sure I go back in the service bay when mine is done and I want the guy changing the oil to show me the oil being on the full mark. I will reset the odometer when I see it on full and not a hair above. Im a diesel mechanic and we wont even let a truck out of our shop with oil over the full mark. Over filling will blow seals out. I think if I were you.......Id be finding a different dealer. The more I think about this.....the more Im tempted to trade mine. I fell in love with this truck. Great ride, power, the 4x4 system in amazing, and the truck feels solid. If Government Motors wont back their trucks........I wont be their customer ever again.
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    I'm in a similar place since I love my truck and this has become a little concerning since I'm planning to keep my truck for quite a while. That being said, I don't fault GM fully for some dealerships acting like that. No matter the make, some dealerships will always just be trying to save a quick buck at the expense of the customer. Fortunately, I've got one that I've been treated well at as have some people I know, so hopefully it won't be an issue.
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    I would check the PCV system. I have seen this twice before. And a dealer told some one that she needed to replace the engine....WTF. There was oil in the intake duct. She went to a local corner shop and the dude put in a new PCV valve for 15 bucks...problem solved.

    Check the simple and least expensive thing first. The dealer usually will not be interested in a 15 dollar repair. I don't trust them. Talk to your buddies at the GM truck club instead. We'll do our best to help out a Chevy Man.
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    The PCV system is one of the first things the TSB mentions, so I'm not surprised that fixed other issues.

    My wife took it in a couple days ago for the first check on the consumption test. After 1500 miles it was down 1.5 quarts. The TSB mentions the threshold being 1 qt/liter per 2000 miles so mine is well outside any acceptable threshold. Of course, that's obvious, but I'm just talking about in respect to the TSB. They need to do the same test a few more times before they start tearing down and replacing parts, but at least it's under way.

    I'll keep this thread updated as I hear more information.
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    Had my oil changed at the dealer this morning. Started consumption testing, will see how this works out. They have my oil about 1/8" over the top full mark so I marked it myself and showed the dealer. Will be bringing it back in 1K miles or if I see any major oil loss. Will keep posting as I find out any info!
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    I wish all of you luck. I was planning on keeping this vehicle another four years, but I decided to jump ship. Best to do it now before another six months to a year goes by before they start working on the real issue. I lost a lot of respect for GM vehicles after being a GM family for close to 30 years. I traded in my 08 Yukon XL for a 2012 Expedition EL. I got a good trade amount on the Yukon and a great deal on the Expedition.

    Between my GM service department (whose to say they did not add thicker oil as well) and what I feel is a big problem due to the amount of people with this issue I called it quits. Yep, I am a quitter; call me a conspiracist. I just need to know that my family can go on trips without me being worried about their safety. If this is normal someone else can deal with it. I wish everyone the best of luck.
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    New Update. So the truck went in for the third check yesterday. After 1200 miles it was down 2 quarts. So it's going back tomorrow and they're going to replace the valve covers, oil deflector shield and do a decarbonization. Then they'll run the consumption checks again.
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    The dipstick is just a guide...adding the required amount of oil will produce different fill levels on every vehicle. My 6.0L indicates a tad overfilled with exactly 6 quarts of oil (the recommended volume with a filter). Its there for reference...the first thing I did was find where "full" was on this new truck so I can track consumption (if any).

    And in the technicians defense, if they filled from a bulk container with a dispensing meter; the meter could very likely be off.
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    OK, so what is this decarbonization. Is this where they pour something into the intake or gas to clean the carbon off the valves.
    Here is Wisconsin we have what is known as a good German tune up. Take the vehicle out on the highway and romp on it and blow the carbon out. When you are doing this have a friend (preferably a Chevy buddy) follow and see if the truck is puffing out blue smoke or just black. If black smoke, repeat until clean but don't get busted by the highway patrol.

    You talk about the carbon deposits in the tail pipe. This depends on how you drive (not a rip). But if you drive on the highway to work (say for a half hour or more everyday) the exhaust will be clean. If you drive around town and don't really get the vehicle hot there still will be carbon in the pipes.

    You need to determine if your truck is leaking oil or burning oil. Get underneath the truck and look for oil. Also, you can park the truck on a piece of cardboard and look for drips. (This worked for me -- found an oil pan leak)

    Also, #### that dealership you go to. What a bunch of useless twits. I wouldn't let those douche bags work on a dodge.
    Change the oil your self. Put in 6 quarts of oil. You WILL know that you have six quarts. Drive 500 miles, check oil. Repeat until you reach 3000. See what you get.
    Take pictures of the oil you put in; the six jugs. Take pictures of everything; like the dipstick readings each time you check the oil. Write all the notes you take in the test in a spiral note book, Write in pen and date. This will give you evidence for a court case.

    Did you pull the plugs and inspect. The spark plugs tell all. Check those to see if you're burning oil.

    Also, even though it it was said a quart every 1000 is not unreasonable (or so I was taught). Currently with my truck I lose about 1/2 quart every 3000 (2005 Silverado 5.3 85K) and my Monte Carlo (1998 3.8 80K) about a quart every 3000.

    I guess I'm kinda old school, but it works for me. Hope you get this resolved. That's a cool truck.

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