Oil cooler line install question

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  1. HeavyMetalMechanic

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    I have a 2000 silverado with a 6.0l V8 and found my oil cooler was leaking. I ordered a new oil cooler and lines from the stealership and noticed the lines are a little different. The new lines have less rubber hose on them and I can't seem to be able torun the lines thru the maze of crap in the way. I've seem to have tried every option(route) to feed them thru but I'm having no luck.
    Is there a "how to" thread to help me find the way to feed these thru and connect them? Thx in advance
  2. HeavyMetalMechanic

    HeavyMetalMechanic New Member

    No one knows how to run the oil cooler lines from the cooler by the radiator to right above the oil filter? Someone must be able to steer me in the right direction on which way to run these lines? There just doesn't seem to be enough room to get these thru.

    Would the drivers side engine mount need to be removed to give room for the install? The lines actually pass between the block and engine mount
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  3. bwoodmiles

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    I did my 03 6.0 when the stock one wasnt doing the job. if you can return the dealership one and save a bunch of money by going to the local auto shop store and buy and aftermarket kit. you can buy a big cooler and everything you need is there and with mine ( which is the same as yours) is mount the new one in front of the stock onewith a mount kit that came with the new one worked great. not shure if it helps but sometimes refiting a stock item can be a pain. good luck.
  4. Z71_guy

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    last 6.0 cooler lines i did was on a denali and had to remove the motor mount bolt and tilt the motor to get it past

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