Oil cooler line question.,.HELP

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  1. ohiomossyoak

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    I got a 95 K1500 Suburban with a 5.7 in it..I was removing the radiator to have it repaired an i twisted an messed up the lower Oil cooler line...The return line i think???So i got a replacement line..I got the line installed..But i got a drip on the oil filter side of the line(not radiator side)..My question is this..There are 3 pieces that i am unsure of there order...There is the paint in the butt clip,,a rubber O ring,an a round plastic ring..What order do these go in???I know the clip goes on the line but then what..I have the plastic ring next then the rubber O ring..Is that correct..Or is it Clip,o ring,round plastic ring???/Any help is greatly appreciated
    Thanks Nick
  2. Ethan

    Ethan Rockstar 100 Posts

    O-ring goes on the line, it makes the actual seal between the line and whatever it's called you're mounting it to, the plastic ring is a spacer so the clip will keep pressure on the line..if that makes any sense...didn't you get any instructions on how to do this from the place you got the parts? It should of came with instructions.
  3. ohiomossyoak

    ohiomossyoak New Member

    Nope no instructions...Sounds like I got it installed in the correct order..The spacer is in the middle..So I must have a small leak from the whole thing just not being fully engaged I hope..My oil level has not went down in over 300miles..But I do get a few drops of oil on the ground here an there

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