oil leak 1999 Chevrolet suburban 2500 diesel LT

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  1. towncarblue

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    a friend of mine wants to sell me his 1999 Chevrolet suburban 2500 diesel LT.
    when iwent to turn on the vehicle today i noticed an oil leak. its motor oil.
    when i went under the vehicle i felt a small hole and it felt as if a screw was supposed to be there.
    the hole is between the engine and the tranny.
    i have put a pic on photobucket.com here is the link to the pic.
    the oil guage on the instrument cluster stays very close to zero.
    oil only starts to leak when the engine gets warm.
    there are no ob2 codes

    the red arrow shows exactly where it is leaking. i do not know the part itself .
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  2. Boonduff

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    Probably a rear main seal leak. Common on almost all high mileage engines. If just a drip now then not big deal. If the gauge reads low ol pressure. I'd verify before you buy, could mean a worn out motor. That is the torque-converter cover you're looking at. The hole lets any water or oil out that may accumulate.
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  3. hoosyurdaddy

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    If it aint leakin,it aint a deisel.

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