Oil leak-front oil pan+ cracked timing cover

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    I posted a few weeks ago that I paid a mechanic-shade tree-to change my intake manifold gaskets,change the timing chain and cover, and oil pan gasket.

    The guy seemed competent enough, but he worked waaaay too fast,so we had to spend 2 extra hours finding out why we now had a miss-and a code- that said cyl 1 was misfiring.Well he had partially bent one of the plug male parts that "work" the fuel injectors.He put the cap on in a rush and bent it.

    Well a couple of weeks late I notice an oil leak near the front of the oil pan.Called him-phone tag, but he hasn't showed up so I started in today.

    The gasket actually looked ok-but when I was fooling around with the pan I noticed a piece of plastic fell.
    It was a piece of the timing cover.He was using pneumatic tools-he must have over torqued it.

    Guess I better to stick to doing work myself. Now I'm down another gasket(bought it already and opened it) and another timing cover.It is on the way-real GM-

    Oh well,
    PS What is that tube that you have to thread the oil pan gasket over? I really can't see it, since I'm not going to completely remove the pan.?

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