Oil Pan Gasket Leak. Pull the motor?

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    Good evening
    I have a 1999 4*4 Tahoe. It was involved in a front end collision and was repaired. However the oil pan gasket has leaked ever since. I paid a shop to fix it about a year after the collision repair, it stopped leaking for about 2 months and then started leaking again. I'm active duty Army and moved shortly after the collision repair in AZ, then shortly again after the oil pan gasket in AL so I couldn't just take it back to the shop. I attempted (twice) to repair it myself. Once with a new gasket and no RTV, once with a new gasket and 2 tubes of RTV.
    Both times I had the truck on a lift and used a transmission jack to lift the transmission as far as it would go, however that is just barely far enough to get the oil pan in and out. It's still leaking. I paid $750 to have a few leaks repaired about 6 months ago and really would like to avoid paying another shop.
    I'm considering attempting it myself again but am wondering the easiest route: pull the motor or remove the front diff and axle? I'd like to have enough room to really inspect it, clean all the oil and let it dry and set a new gasket with RTV without having to cram it back into that tiny gap.
    What's the right way to do this?

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