oil pan gasket-what is the tube slip gasket over

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    I just partially dropped the oil pan on my 98 Suburban. There was/is a leak it looked like it was where the oil pan met the timing cover.
    Once I partially dropped the pan( didn't take it off I had to remove more stuff-lines and oil filter remote thing) a piece of plastic -about 3/4 inch dropped into the pan.Turns out the plastic is from the new timing cover I had installed.Guess he overtorqued it-he was using a pneumatic wrench-quick but not forgiving.It looked like a box end wrench-didn't even know they made them pneumatic.

    My question- is what is that 3/8" tube that you have to fit the oil pan gasket over to seat it on the block ? I'm not taking the pan all the way off, so I'll never figure out what it is.It extends at least 5 " toward the middle of the oil pan.

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    That's your oil pick up tube. It goes to the bottom of the sump and there's a screen attached to it. I would not worry about the rubber piece. Get some brake cleaner and clean the block, timing cover and pan. Next use the Permatex Orange high temp silicone and run a very thick bead from the block around the timing cover gasket and to the other side of the block. Torque the pan bolts to spec and le it dry. This will seal the timing cover provided you got it super clean.
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    Thanks for the info.
    I think the piece of plastic that chipped off-triangular shaped maybe 3/4" long but about 3/8" at its widest- is too big to seal up with the high temp silicone.
    I would probably try it-putting the piece back in place and glueing it with the silicone- but I already ordered ,and paid a new OEM timing cover.

    It is a big pain in the tail having to redo this guy's work, but I guess I've relearned a lesson-two lessons
    1) You get what you pay for-he charged $320 for replacing the intake mani. gaskets, timing cover and timing chain and sprockets,and oil pan gaskets- it took him about 5 hours not counting the 2 hours we spent together tracking down another screw up of his.

    2)Want something done right-do it yourself. This was why I do almost all my own "car work"-that and I work cheap and have much more time than money.

    Thanks for the info and tips
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    .........Want something done right-do it yourself.

    Roger that! :)

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