Oil pressure/ oil guage problem?

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    My oil gauge needle is normally at 38-40 when at normal idol( tach gauge picture is at normal idol) and goes up to 80ish at full rev, but today when I started her the needle only went to like 20-22 ( picture of oil gauge) I thought it might need to just warm up so I've been driving around all day and the gauge still reads 20-22 at idol and when I revved it all the way the needle only went to right above the 3/4 mark on the oil gauge.
    I checked the dipstick and the oil is still gold and is not low.
    Could the gauge be broken? or oil pressure problem? Or something more serious?

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    There are only two things that come to mind, bad stepper motor or bad oil pressure sending unit. The sending unit would be mounted low on the engine block, with a 2 wire connector hooked to it. They are relatively inexpensive to get, but they are a pain to get out sometimes. There is a way to check it with an ohms meter, but I forget what the rating should be on it.

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