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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by cutabovetherest, Jan 1, 2009.

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    New Years eve we drove the to a local movie theater and on the way home the oil pressure was reading 80,or if I put the wrong number in there at the highest level. It also was running with a lot less horsepower but I'm sure that was also due to the oil pressure. Any tech's or anyone else know what the problem is?
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    It does help to know what model/year/equipment you have. Generally a high oil pressure reading is caused by a few things.

    1. Thickened oil.
    2. Clogged oil filter
    3. Stuck pressure relief valve.
    4. Instrument cluster defect.
    5. Faulty pressure switch.

    For thickened oil, an oil/filter change would be recommended. Extremely cold temperatures can boost oil pressures, and you can switch to a different viscosity to adjust for seasonal variations.
    For a clogged filter, change oil/filter.
    For a stuck pressure relief valve try changing the oil and using a crankcase flush.
    Instrument cluster defects and faulty pressure switches can give a false reading. GM has a history in the late model trucks with defective instrument clusters. Usually this affects the whole cluster lighting and gauges. Oil pressure switches are a cheap and easy replacement.

    High oil pressure is not typically something to be concerned about. A sudden increase in pressure points to a stuck pressure relief valve.
  3. cutabovetherest

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    Ours is an '03 4x4 that is fully loaded stock , i know that cold weather typically that is the reason, but it just seemed odd that after i drove it for about 30 minutes it still stayed at the very top. I am going to give it a look at and see if it has went down.
  4. cutabovetherest

    cutabovetherest New Member

    Sorry, it just came to him we're overdue for an oil change, sorry for wasting a post. Silly mistake, once again sorry

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