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Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by tajohns34, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. tajohns34

    tajohns34 New Member

    The oil pressure guage doesn't work in my 92 K1500. The guy I bought it from said that it needs an oil pressure sensor. I'm totally fine with replacing a cheap sensor but I can not find it. Anybody know where it is? It is a 350 by the way. Thanks.
  2. trailshredder

    trailshredder Member

    On the rear of the engine near the distributor. Here is a so so picture of it. It is #5. Kind of a small picture, might save it to your computer, then zoom in on it.

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  3. Z71_guy

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    trailshredder is right its on the back of the motor kind of a pain to get to but fairly cheep
  4. tajohns34

    tajohns34 New Member

    Thanks Guys. I'll check on the back of the engine.
  5. Jimmiee

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    Before you go to the trouble of removing the sensor take a jumper wire or a paper clip and have someone ground the sensor wire momentarily. Your gauge should go to high instantly. This tests the gauge and wire to the gaug. If the needle won't move then your problem is not in the sensor.

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