Oil Pump replacement?

Discussion in 'GM Powertrain' started by vanimal, Jan 6, 2009.

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    I was leaving work yesterday and noticed that the oild guage said 0 psi. I drove my truck a little longer and the engine started knocking, then it started knocking louder. So I pulled into a parking lot and shut it off and got a ride home. It's a 97 Sierra with a 4.3L.

    I am assuming the oil pump is shot and needs to be replaced (correct me if I am wrong). Is this an easy process and where is the oil pump at? Thanks for your future comments.
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    Good luck, I posted about this a few times and got nothing, but I have something for you! I talked to my mechanic and they said on a 4wd truck its not worth replacing the pump as it is costly as they either have to pull the motor or pull the 4wd components up front along with tranny cooler lines if you have it. My shop said also once you notice the knocking its done for anyway and to get a new engine. Mine hasnt knocked but the valve train is ticking now so i might be ok with rebuilt heads but if you are a knocking then its new motor for you:frown:. The pump is inside the oil pan, yours is 2wd so it would be easy but its knocking so its too late.

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