Ok, fine, I'll step in for Peter.. Hiya folks! It's been a crazy-busy year!

Discussion in 'Ultimate Truck Gear' started by Springthing, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. Springthing

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    Well I know Peter probably wishes he had more time to come on the GMTC and chat a little but it seems things are picking up at the shop! If you haven't visited their website lately have a look!

    I talk to Peter once in a while and know that after SEMA this past year things have been going well. New products and all! You've seen the pushbar UTG developed... but there has also been a great customizable rack system - UTG's TacRack. Basically it's like Legos or those....oh, what do you call them.. Connectix or something? You can set it up any way you want, do put anything you want on it, in any shape, etc etc.

    Here are some examples of what can be done with the TacRack.

    Then there are the Gauge pods. They just sit on the dash (or wherever, I guess!), house your 2 1/16" gauges, wire hidden so you have nothing showing, just a nice clean install and, of course, the gauge is made to order with your needs and wants in mind.

    Annnndddd...oh, there are a few other little goodies that are coming out of UTG soon but I know nothing!

    I know nothing, I see nothing, I near nothing...

    (but the stuff is really cool... just FYI.)

    Wait, what?? I didn't say anything...
  2. ChevyFan

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    Cool, I've not chatted with him in a while but he said there were a lot of surprises coming down the pipe!
  3. TRPLXL2

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    Well It's good to hear that he is doing so well, because I know a lot of the aftermarket retailers are suffering because people aren't buying like they used to. I will have to send him a private message to say hi, and also to tell him what great looking products he has come out with. Thanks for posting how he has been doing, It's always nice to hear from some of the established members.

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