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Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by espdp2, May 3, 2011.

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    Hello, all. My name is Patrick. I'm in the US Army at Fort Drum, NY. I drive a mostly stock 99 Chevy Suburban. It's got road armor all around (acts like a ship's anchor off-road), wussified street tires, and a new engine block and new-ish transmission. It has a reman block from ATK/Gearhead Engines. I would recommend them to anyone; good customer experience, right price.

    I'm having LOTS of nagging little interior problems. For some reason, all the little plastic connectors inside EVERY door are rotting...?!? Where do you go to find all those little bits?

    It's a high-performance racing snail (gets me and all my crap from A to B, but takes forever). I bought it to tow a camper for my large and growing family, which we have yet to buy. I hope to swap in a solid front axle and about 35" mud tires. This is not likely to help my dependence on Venezuelan crude. I'm currently getting about 8mpg, driving < 35mph everywhere I go. :no:
  2. jbjohnson92f

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    welcome to the club! climb to glory
  3. Blacksheep1

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    Welcome to the club
  4. silveradotrailblazer

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    Welcome to the club, Patrick.
  5. CanadianBadRado

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    hey, nice to see more folks from upstate NY...
  6. JonJon617

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    Welcome to the club Patrick, get those pics up man I WANA SEE THE TANK!
  7. Enkeiavalanche

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    Always glad to see more NY'ers.... Welcome...
  8. murdog94

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    Welcome aboard!
  9. stephan

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    Welcome to the club Patrick, & thanks for your service
  10. retired2001

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    Welcome to the G M T C !

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