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    Ok, my 92 GMC Sonoma GT with a 4.3L W code engine, intake on the front of the manifold instead of the top, CFIM, one central injector and six poppet valves. It is running rich, dies when the weather is hot, runs cool, has several aftermarket add ons. It seems to be vapor lock that kills my truck. When it dies, the longer I let it sit, the longer it will run afterwards. I have a Flex o lite electric fan that is controlled by a thermostat in the radiator and hooked up to an electric switch on my dashboard. When driving in the heat I turn it on and leave it on. Helps me drive further but it still dies. I have mid length headers that I put heat wrap on on the fuel line side and that has seemed to help a bit. The spark plugs are black and smell of gas even though I have an MSD 6AL ingnition box installed, with platinum plugs, 8mm hi-perf wires, MSD perf coil, brand new rotor and rotor cap. Spark should not be weak. Brand new O2 sensor, air intake temp sensor, engine coolent temp sensor is less than 6 months old. But, the other day when it died, I bled the fuel line and got a lot of non liquid discharge. It ran for a bit, died again, then restarted about 10 min later and ran like the first time I start it for the day. With this is development, I'm planning on rerouting the fuel line and adding heat shielding to it. But, this would not fix my running rich problem. I am about to burn this truck if I can't get it fixed.
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    Yea, that's a no go on rerouting the fuel line. There's no room for it. Think I'm just gonna wrap it in aluminum foil. Next week when I get home from work.

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