onstar aftermarket compatibility?

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by yotchie, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. yotchie

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    i have possibly a dumb question. i recently upgraded from a 2004 to a 2012 Silverado. the new one has on-star and a basic CD mp3 player no sat radio but there is a button for it on the stereo. i like how directions show on the LCD of the stereo when using on-star. but i would like to at some point upgrade to an aftermarket stereo. but if i do that i don't want to get one with the same or less capabilities. is there one of those touchscreen nav stereo systems that will work with my current features while giving me the new ones? basically still have the onstar sourced directions still show on screen if i dont use its built in nav?
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    Here's a question for you, after your free subscription of Onstar is up, will you be renewing it? If not, Then you wouldn't need an aftermarket radio to work with your Onstar. And if you decide later on that you want Onstar again, you can just use the controls on the rear view mirror unit.
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    Kady +1

    Also the back harness and modules you would have to buy to switch to aftermarket is going to be very $$. Would you like the nav display in the denali's touch screen unit? I think it would be easier and maybe cheaper to get a used unit out of an escalade/ denali etc and retain fectory options and functions. The days of wiring the speakers/ power/ ground for a new headunit are long gone because the body control module uses the radio speakers for turn sgnal chimes and warnings etc.
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    The problem with this is that a used oem radio will have to be reprogrammed at the dealer to work in your truck. They charge between $100-250 to do it. You can find some websites that have denali nav radios unlocked already, but you must have the proper RPO codes from the factory to make these work and they are very expensive. (Around $1200 for the radio) There are a few guys here that have aftermarket radios with nav. The retain their steering wheel controls, I do not know if they retain onstar. The harness/module to retain factory controls is not all the expensive. the PAC wiring harness w/ Chimes is $100, the steering wheel control harness is $60 and the antenna adapter is around $5. So, you are looking at at least $165 on top of the price of the head unit. I know that @SurrealOne has an after market radio with nav.
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    Just from experience with those I found its usually cheaper to go OEM with all of the systems that run through it that need to be delt with. Best bet is to call an installer to see what adapters are needed.
  6. SurrealOne

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    Spot-on. And why pay for something you can get for a one-time cost of an aftermarket nav unit?

    This is not true. A harness can be purchased that has a chime module -- for those who want to ditch the factory wiring completely but retain chimes for things such as door ajar and fasten seatbelts. Pikey's pricing was about right on the cost for the harness w/ chimes, steering wheel control interface, and antenna adapter.

    I do ... and I did not retain OnStar because I found no value in it. My Kenwood head unit has Garmin GPS built into it and does so much more than even the latest factory head units. I also ripped the OnStar module out of my truck, completely, because they track speed, location, vehicle status information, etc. even when you ARE NOT subscribed ... and I consider that a privacy violation. It's easy enough just to unplug it from my body style truck, but I wanted it completely gone. (NNBS trucks can't do this; the trucks will throw all kinds of errors if Big Brother isn't allowed to watch you.)
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    I didn't think you could get a Silverado WITHOUT satellite radio. My brother's 2008 LS has satellite radio. Is your truck a WT?

    Do you want satellite radio?

    You can call Walt over at Advent and talk to him about the OGM-1.

    - - - Updated - - -

    According to OnStar Privacy practices, they don't track your speed and location unless there is a request.

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  9. yotchie

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    what to do

    well when i switched out the aftermarket stereo out of my 04 i had to get the harness. the install on that on i did myself and it turned out nicely. as for keeping onstar, so far i am going to say ill keep it being that some places i go don't have good cell reception and i still have phone minutes from when i purchased the truck. i don't like how much they charge for min but they used to charge a lot more for the subscription service. i suppose its not a huge deal about keeping the onstart directions appear on screen. i know its cheesy, but its the first new vehicle i have ever purchased. and i figured i was not sure that even if i do get rid of a feature i may want it again for who knows what reason down the road. although if i switch out the head unit i would likely go aftermarket. simply because if im going to spend the money i want the better sound quality the extra features like apparently sat radio, and i want subs. i am not a fan of having those sat radios siting on the dash or windshield taking up space and having wires running through visible areas of the cab. the other thing that has me stumped is assuming i do at some point get the aftermarket stereo will the sat radio unit for the factory stereo work with an aftermarket or would that mean that im going to have to buy that component twice?
  10. mfleetwood

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    I'm not sure about other makers, but with the Kenwood, I still had to purchase a separate component for the SAT radio, even though my truck came with factory SAT radio. It wasn't too much money though if I remember correctly; I think less than $100 w/installation.

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