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Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by ljmueller, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. ajarman

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    I wish I knew you were looking for some black wheels...I pretty much just gave away my XD Misfits to a co-worker.

    I rocked the Rancho with factory wheels for a few months and like the look but wanted the wider stance of aftermarket wheels. My Misfits were -0 and my new wheels are -12 and perfer them over the -0. I would say go with the Addicts just because Monsters are just about as common as *ockstars. :lol:
  2. mfleetwood

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    I'd suggest tires first as well to complete the "lifted" look. And [MENTION=41727]RadoRage[/MENTION] does make a good point if your tires still have plenty of tread left. However, instead of waiting, you may want to look into trading your tires in on some new ones. After I lifted and changed tires, I got $300 credit towards my new tires for my old tires and free mounting/balancing for the new ones. It may be worth looking into.

    BTW, Truck looks great with the new lift. You've come along ways with your truck since first joining the site.
  3. donl

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    Definitely need to fill those wheel wells up.
  4. CCCamo

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    This weekend I found there is a pride issue between being "Stuck" and "Hung". Stuck leaves you on the frame, Hung is being caught by your "Pumpkins". Don't get caught by your pumkins, add some tire height for that little "extra" clearance.
  5. ljmueller

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    Well I had my stock rims and my Duratracs on Craigslist. Supposedly I'm meeting a guy on Wednesday who wants to buy them. So as long as he comes through with the cash I will be ordering rims and tires on Thursday. As of right now I'm leaning towards Nitto trail grappler m/t's size 295/70/18 with XD addicts or spy's. it seems like I've seen the spy's with a chrome center cap, anybody know if You can get a black center cap? I like the accents on the spy's but that chrome center cap is just a little much.
  6. BurbanMan

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    I don't like the drop stars "monster" wheels. Frackin heavy. As for the km2's, go for nitto. They'll last longer in comparison to the separation tendencies the km2's have.
  7. ljmueller

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    Ok, so here's the latest. I've gone through so much B.S. with Craigslist trying to sell my rims and tires I could start a whole new thread about it. So I decided to order my rims and tires today and worry about selling my stuff later. The shop I deal with is good enough to order Spy's and Addicts for me to see which ones I want, both in 18x9 with -12 offset. And the tires, well, you all can wait till next week to see pictures. Just picked up the truck tonight from getting detailed. Man did it need it. So after rims and tires next week I'll take some real good pics and get em posted.
  8. BurbanMan

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    What tires did you choose?! I can't stand suspense! Lol
  9. JimmyA

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    +1 what he said!

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