Opinions on these tires, or experience with any of them

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by redchev4x4, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. tyler87

    tyler87 Rockstar

    I had good luck with the toyo open country m/t on my last truck they where great in mud and snow, quiet for a m/t and i had them for 60,000km and still had lots of tread left (80% highway 20% gravel ish), but they where pretty poor in icy conditions.

    My dad has the toyo a/t's on his 3/4 ton and we have no complaints about them snow/ice/mud.
  2. redchev4x4

    redchev4x4 Member

    just an update on the hankook ATM RF10s, i have got right at 20,000 on them now and all is good.
    wearing great, very little noise on the road. handling is above average and no wear pattern in them as of
    yet. i have been running about 44 psi in them , been off road a few times and they did a great job. on the
    highway the are very good . low noise and don't heat up. just thought i would drop a note with an update.

    terry m
  3. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Former Member ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    I've been running Nitto Trail Grapplers for 5 months. I'm intentionally running a size that's D-rated for ride quality, as I didn't need an E rating. For normal pavement duty I keep the fronts aired to 38 PSI and the rears at 35 PSI. (Off-road varies, of course.) I just did the first tire rotation and wear seems fine, so far. They've got a bit of hum to them at highway speeds (65+ mph) ... but nothing nearly as loud as a typical MT. This is a worthwhile tradeoff if you require very grippy off-road performance from time to time but don't require a full-blown MT or want the hum of MT's. We'll see how long they last...
  4. redchev4x4

    redchev4x4 Member

    update on the HANKOOK DYNA PRO ATM RF 10 TIRES, i have just turn 30,000 miles on them rotated them twice and so far
    so good.. the rounded off a little on the front ,, but thats expected on a steer axle.. the ride has gotten a little stiffer.. they still handle
    very good, noise has slightly increased , but after rotation it was better. wear has been surprisingly good.. 30K and plenty of tread left.
    i need to go and get them rebalanced , but other then that ,, i would say for the money these tires are worth every penny.
    just thought i would update this for anyone who may be looking for a set of TARS anytime soon.

    terry m
  5. Als09Sierra

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    Thanks for the update. Got any pics, and can you say how they do in sand and snow? I'll be replacing mine shortly and do a lot of pavement driving, but we get snow,brain and I occasionally will hit the beach.
  6. nancygrl

    nancygrl New Member

    When I upgraded my wheels to 18's decided to go with 265/65-18 BF GOODRICH BFG RUGGED TERRAIN TA. So far so good, they're supposed to be 50k mile tires, we'll see. They've got a nice aggressive pattern and very quiet on the highway. The hankooks were my 2nd choice.

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  7. redchev4x4

    redchev4x4 Member

    can't say about sand,, but last year i had just a little snow and they did great.. mud they do pretty good,, cleanout could be better but in carolina red clay sticks like glue to everything anyway. ,, on dry pavement the little V8 will smoke them if you have to get on it hard.
    but anywho,, 37,000 on the tires and a 167,000 on the truck and both are doing fine. very pleased with the 4.8 engine. has surprised me in the durability and gas mileage. only alteration is a K&N drop in air filter.

    terry m
  8. RAV52202

    RAV52202 Rockstar 100 Posts

    I had great luck with the nitto terra grapplers. They were great in the mud and the snow. quite on the road. lasted about 40,000 miles. I had them on a 1/2 ton 2002 gmc. then put the same tires from the gmc on a 2003 f250 diesel. the diesel was harder on them. heavy truck and lots of torque. The tires were a D load range as well, but they hauled everything i wanted them to with no problems.
  9. wmkess

    wmkess Rockstar 100 Posts

    Did you already get quotes for all 3? I'm always curious to hear what various tires are going for.
  10. redchev4x4

    redchev4x4 Member

    last year when i bought these the hankooks were about 100 dolllars cheaper then the others. i gave 598 for 4 of them out the door.

    terry m

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