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  1. 2004Silverado

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    So I am ready to do my first oil change on the Silverado, went to Wal-Mart and got oil and filter. Is this really the oil filter I thought, it is small, very small. I got the AC Delco PF46 which is what the little idiot computer at Wal-Mart said it uses.
    I know from previous experience on other vehicles, you can use a different oil filter. For example my Jeep calls for one oil filter but if I use another one that has the same connection, I can add another half quart of oil and have more filter membrane to filter the oil.
    Since I use all synthetic products and will be going much further between oil changes than conventional oil, I want a larger oil filter. The truck can accommodate a filter about 3 inches longer than the one currently on it, does anyone know of another oil filter that will fit, but give me more capacity and more filter membrane so as to facilitate the longer oil change intervals?

  2. Thundare

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  3. 2004Silverado

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    Thanks, but as best I can tell, that is just another brand but same specs on size and such.

    The one I got is an AC Delco Part # PF46 & it is on the small side. I want a larger one that has more volume and more filtering membrane.
  4. TRPLXL2

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    I use this one in my 2005 2500HD, and in my 2005 1500 Z-71. It holds almost a half quart more, and you can go for twice as long on it too. Check out there site: www.fram.com I buy these at Wal-Mart or Auto Zone too.
  5. 2004Silverado

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    Thanks TRPLXL2
    That is what I am looking for I think, but I can't tell what the part numbers is, do you have it.
  6. TRPLXL2

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    I don't have it right off hand because I take mine to Wal-Mart and have it changed, but they look it up in the huge book they have behind the counter. On that website www.fram.com they have a vehicle look up to find the part number, hope that helps and by the way they also have another filter that is bigger than the one I showed it lasts for 11,000 miles. I think they charged me like $14.99 for that oil filter, and the giant one that is a step up is like $24.99. Hope that helps.
  7. adidasboy918

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    Should of came up on the machine you used at walmart. Yo also run over to your nearest parts store and they should have all the answers for oil filters you are looking for. (it's in their comp look up files)
  8. 2004Silverado

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    I think everybody is missing the point, I do not want the one the books say goes on the truck, I want a LARGER one. To do this I need to match up the physical connection to the engine, then get the largest diameter and height that will physically fit on the truck.

    This is not going to be in the standard lookups.

    For example, if you look up the oil filter for a 1994 jeep wrangler with the 4.0, Fram will point you to a PH16, XG16, TG16, or HM16.

    What you will not find in any of the books, the PH8A, XG8A, TG8A, and HM8A will also work for this vehicle and will increase your capacity by 1/2 quart and almost double the filter element area yielding you more filtering and longer life.

    If anyone knows of a way to look up a filter in this manner, please let me know.

  9. 2004Silverado

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    I found the info in case anyone is interested. The AC Delco part number that GM specifies is the PF46 which is the replacement for the dis-continued PF59. They still make the PF61, which will fit right onto the 4.8, 5.4, and 6.0 engines and yield a higher capacity and better filter life.

    Should be able to cross those part numbers to whatever brand you like.
  10. Jimmiee

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    Good Information! One thing to keep in mind when replacing oil filters is some have a drain-back valve and some don't. It makes a big difference if you have a filter that is mounted horizontally or upside down. If your filter is one of these it needs a drain-back valve. If you install the wrong filter you can damage your engine real fast so be careful.

  11. 2004Silverado

    2004Silverado New Member

    Well after reading this I checked and the AC Delco PF46 DOES have the anti-drain back valve, as did the PF59. The PF61 does NOT, This means I was not correct about the AC Delco PF61, it will NOT work.

    So I went to Fram's web site, and they cross the AC Delco PF61 to two Fram part numbers PH9837 and the PH3675. Fram was kind enough make their specs easy to access and the PH9837 does not have the valve, but alas, the PH3675 does.

    Follow this link and enter PF61 in the Competitor search box and it will list each of the oil filter as a clickable link that shows the specs of each.
  12. Jimmiee

    Jimmiee New Member

    I'm glad you researched this. Although I do on occasion use Fram filters I'm not a big fan anymore. Next time you're in a Napa Store look for the cut open Fram filter compared to the Napa Gold. It will change your mind about Fram filters real quick.
  13. 1st Synthetics

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    Preferred Customers Save Up To 25% Across The Board On ALL Amsoil Products.

    Here is one of the best filter cross reference guides on the net. Check it out. MasterFilterCrossRef.

    The cross reference for a PF61 in an AMSOIL filter is EaO64 and is is ant drain back.

  14. Dr_Zero

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    I used to be a FRAM filter fan it was the one that I used religiously then I read a article where this fellow took apart ALOT of filters and was very much dismayed at what I saw.

    I was going to switch to K&N or Mobil1 but found the Purolator Pure One and have stuck with them.

    I looked up your filters and think this one will suit your request its about a inch longer and has the drain back valve.


    Anti-Drain Back Valve Yes Height 4.02
    O.D. 2.98 Relief Valve P.S.I. None
    Thread Pitch UN-2B Threads 13/16-16
    Type of Filter Spin-on

    standard is here
    Anti-Drain Back Valve Yes Height 3.36
    O.D. 2.98 Relief Valve P.S.I. None
    Thread Pitch UNC-2B Threads 13/16-16
    Type of Filter Spin-on
  15. Z71_guy

    Z71_guy New Member

    the filter off of the early 5.3 00-02 will fit for sure its a littler longer about 2 inches same width. mighty part number M159 the one you have is the mighty M4006
  16. 1st Synthetics

    1st Synthetics New Member

    Preferred Customers Save Up To 25% Across The Board On ALL Amsoil Products.

    The AMSOIL replacement filter for the PL25288 is EAO64

    Click here to view and select EAO64 from the drop down menu. This is the best filter on the market today.
  17. optional oil filter

    Some of you that have 4x4 be careful. I have 05 1500 4x4 that came with small filter, didnt hang down below oil pan. I started using a longer filter that hung below oil pan. Was off road, had the truck twisted up at one point and when I got home and was checking the underside I found the filter had a dent where it hung below oil pan near front drive shaft. Dont know if drive shaft hit it or something else come up and got it. Went back to short filter and no more issues.
  18. 1st Synthetics

    1st Synthetics New Member

    Really just need to use a good filter and not a longer one, just my2 cents.
  19. 2004Silverado

    2004Silverado New Member

    Good info by all, I have never been a fan of Fram either, especially when going on synthetic oil change schedules. Which is why I want the longer filter, in whatever style I eventually go with.

    1st Synthetics, I really like Amsoil products, but I do not like the availability. I prefer to have an "easily obtainable" source, especially for more commonly used products such as engine oil and filters. As far as I know, none of the locals around here carry Amsoil products.

    I do use Amsoil tranny fluid as it is not needed that often and is planned in advance enough to do the order.
    But I may send you a PM about future use, just buy the stuff ahead of time and keep it on hand is my thoughts.

    Here is my theory for why I want a larger oil filter. First of all, anything that adds oil capacity to the system as a whole is going to improve performance, 6.5 quarts of oil will hold more gunk and grime in suspension than 6 quarts. Next, a longer/larger filter in general is going to have a larger filter membrane area, meaning it will filter more contaminates. It is like this, an 8.5"X11" piece of paper will hold less material at a particular thickness than will an 8.5"X14" piece of paper. In short, I believe a larger overall capacity coupled with a larger membrane to filter contaminates, is going to yield a longer life, which will more easily accommodate the extended oil change schedules of synthetic oils.

    I mean lets face, used motor oil is recycled and used to make off brand motor oils, most folks use these in their lawn mowers and such and they perform just fine. The biggest part of the recycling process for used oil, very fine particle filtration. A filtration that is so fine it would restrict oil flow to much to be practical in a vehicle. So in short, it don't matter how good your oil is if you have a substandard filter, IMO.
  20. 1st Synthetics

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    If you want to add more fluid and have better filtration check this thread out.


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