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  1. question

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    Hey guys.

    Im considering getting a burb to use as a "better-to-have-it and not need it" type of vehicle; Like for whenever I need to..

    Take a long road trip with 2 kids, wife, and tons of stuff. About twice a year.

    Haul major stuff from the Home Depot etc... Couches, washers, stoves, yard crap. About six times a year.

    Might have to tow a 8500 pound boat, on a six-wheel trailer, with trailer brakes, up to 700 miles, through the mountains.

    Be able to drive in every weather condition, reliably, without mechanical failure. We live in Ohio, so we get everything.

    I already have a 2000 Jeep Cherokee 4X4, but it has limited capacities when compared to any suburban. I'm not knocking it, but sometimes I need more than it has, and with burbs being so cheap now, it's getting harder to not just grab a good one and stick it in the garage until its' needed.

    That being that, what should I look for? I was thinking a late 90's 2500 4x4. Any specific stuff to look for or, to avoid?

  2. Darknesss23

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    My family did this back in 2000... we have a 2000 suburban 4x4 that we use for long trips and family vacations!. Believe it or not... its only got like 25-26k miles on it... it really has been mostly for LONG HAULS and ROAD TRIPS... and nothing more... since my dad has his chevy silverado and i have my chevy silverado... and my mom has her bmw... lol

    If you get a burban.. thats the same generation as my family's 2000... keep an eye out for the window motors going bad.. ours have stopped working before but were covered under warranty so they were replaced! thats about all that is or was wrong with ours...
  3. bob13

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    My buddy just picked up an 89 and it has the dvd. For long road trips the kids love it. They can be had very reasonably so if you can find one, go with the rear seat dvd. Keep the kids occupied.
  4. silveradotrailblazer

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    Get the Suburban. Nothing like em for traveling with a family. When we travel, we have 1 husband, 1 wife, 3 kids, 1 mother-in-law (sometimes) 2 Labradors, roof rack with two soft luggage carriers, mountain bikes mounted on front and rear carriers, all in a lifted Suburban with 35s. You wont regret it.
  5. 76ANTHONY

    76ANTHONY New Member

    thats what i bought mine for, just trips and hauling the boat. i have a 2wd 3/4 ton 1989 and its perfect. set up the dvd player and the kids go right to watching it and being quiet..lol
    this winter i will be doing a 700r trans change because that 454 with a 400 doesnt get the best fuel mileage, but i have a freind that builds transmissions and hes building a nice 700r for me. thats the only issue with the older ones that i can see. she tows my boat like its not even back there and its 4000lbs.
  6. dsfloyd

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    I keep thinking of getting a burb for the family as well. definately go with the 2500 4x4.

    TUTONE Rockstar

    Definitely go with a 3/4 ton 4x4. My '90 Sub is only 1/2 ton and I pull a trailer loaded down with firewood quite often through the winter and a lowboy trailer with my tractor on it in the summer. It pulls pretty well, but that is a lot of pressure on the rear bearings. I've had to replace them both in the last year. Also, for towing a HUGE boat, you may definitely want 4 wheel drive for those times you'll be pulling that monster out of the water on a WET boat ramp. The LOW RANGE option is very handy at this time as well.
  8. Kraziken

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    I bought an '88 Burb for work stuff. Found out I liked it so much, I bought a fully loaded '91. It treated me good. The wife actually liked it for road trips, so for a little better gas mileage and more ride comfort, I bought a '98.

    Really, if you have a family, it quickly becomes the favorite vehicle. My kids love the Burb. I try to limit the use for when I really need it, but it gets used on weekends, road trips, taking the kids to the drive in.

    This is my rig on the fourth of July. Try to do that in a RAV 4. :rofl:

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  9. racerx

    racerx Member

    go for it
    once bitten, forever smitten
    you'll love the 'burb :great:
  10. 2COR517

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    Late 90s 2500 is the way to go. Vortec 350 or 454 (96 up to 99 or 2000) has plenty of power. 4L80e is a great transmission. The 350/454 is probably going to be less expensive to maintain/repair than a 6.0 or 8.1. Of course the 8.1 with 4.10 gears......Drooling now. With that big boat, the herd and all their crap, BB would probably be the way to go.

    As for 4x4, it's hard to beat it, especially if you ever get snow.

    If you get an 8.1 in a sub, do you get the Allison?

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