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Discussion in 'The Coffee Shop ~ Chit Chat' started by asstda2b, Jul 21, 2008.

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    I am sure many of you may know already from your own research, but......

    I wanted to make sure no one orders anything from partstrain.com they appear to have everything you may need for any vehicle. when the silverado died, my brother started to fix up the S-10 and we ordered parts from them. completely sent the wrong order, customer services department is not located in the US, even though they say they are in carson. (it only matters in the sense that they didn't speak english that well and it is hard to get anywhere when one doesn't speak english. example, i asked to speak to Miranda who was helping me and the response I got was "who is a Miranda? is that a person, a girl or a boy"), customer service department hangs up on you.

    We ordered a rear bumper for a 1992 chevy S-10, they sent a 1995-2005 Mazada bumper and said no our records show it should fit. well, it doesn't.

    We ordered fog lights for the S-10, our bumper takes 4 inch circles, they sent us chevy full size pickup rectangle fog lights and "no they should fit"

    i filed a complaint with the BBB only to find out i was like complaint number 600.

    Well, keep your fingers crossed, we are still waiting for our 500.00 dollar refund. WHAT A NIGHTMARE
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    Wow that's awful! :grrrrrr: I would be super pissed!!! Thanks for the heads up. Sure seems like a crappy company. Hopefully you get your refund before the company gets shut down! Try www.gmpartsclub.com for new chevy s10 parts.

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