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Discussion in 'OR - Oregon Chevy Truck Club' started by ChevyFan, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. ptdavisjr

    ptdavisjr Rockstar

    St. Helens, Oregon here (by way of Yakima, WA):great:
  2. Marty04Sierra

    Marty04Sierra Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts

    Across the river from Portland
  3. ptdavisjr

    ptdavisjr Rockstar

    OK folks from Oregon, let me know where a good junk yard is for our trucks. In my past experience there are certain ones that not only are good for parts, but priced well and easy to work with. I need some small parts, so let me know!!!!!:great:
  4. tat2dgrrrl

    tat2dgrrrl New Member

    southern oregon lady here ..

    just finished registering, stoppin' in to say "hi":sign0011:
  5. ptdavisjr

    ptdavisjr Rockstar

    welcome to the site!! :great:
  6. Johnson8537

    Johnson8537 New Member

    Medford here!
  7. Alexschiltz

    Alexschiltz New Member

    I'm from Vancouver which is right across the river from Portland. Does that count?
  8. roger97338

    roger97338 Member

    Close enough for me! Also, thank you for being there and making my yearly firework purchases so much easier! Vancouver is only about an hour from where I live, and Washington has a better selection than any near-by reservation.
  9. Alexschiltz

    Alexschiltz New Member

    No kidding huh? I always thought the res was the way to go.
  10. roger97338

    roger97338 Member

    I think there's a far better selection, and far better prices at one of the large tents they set up in Vancouver. I don't know if they set up tents that big in the rest of the state, or if they just do it close to the Oregon border. But, I prefer those.

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