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Discussion in 'OR - Oregon Chevy Truck Club' started by ChevyFan, Jan 15, 2009.

  1. Ganderson

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    Cove is a great place to live. My in-laws live just West of North Powder and we travel over that way several times a year. I've been telling my wife that Cove would be a good place for us to retire to...she's sort of behind it. : )

    I've been looking at Bernese Mountain Dogs for many years but have never actually owned one. They are beautiful animals. I found, through an on-line search that there are 3 other related breeds that have different height and hair length characteristics. Are you familiar with these breeds?

    Take care and enjoy the fishing...I hear that Wolf Creek Res has some good crappie fishing about now.

  2. Ray1933

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    Oregon roll call

    Yes, Cove is a great place to live. We are familiar with all 3 types of the Swiss dogs. A good friend has one Bernese of our breeding and also owns a short coated Swiss type.
    One has to be able to put up with dog hair if you have a Bernese. :gasp:

    We have never fished for Crappie at Wolf Creek, prefer the trout. Crappie are good eating but a pain to clean as far as I'm concerned.

  3. Ganderson

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    I've never cleaned a crappie, I normally fillet them and fry them up. My Brother-in-law turned me on to crappie fishing several years ago when he lived in Halfway, OR. We went down on the "Sag"...an arm of the Snake and had the better part of a 5 gallon bucket filled in just a few hours. When they're in schools they're pretty easy to catch.

    Gawd! now I'm hungry. : )
  4. Dune Country

    Dune Country New Member

    Winchester Bay ,heart of the dunes
  5. Nickbaldwin86

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    Updating my post on page 1 #5

    Now running a stock z71

    Big change from my old truck.

    I also bought a house in St. Helens, Oregon

    I also got married.

    Ya my life has changed a whole lot in the past few months :p

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  6. Ganderson

    Ganderson New Member

    Congratulations on so many fronts. A new truck and a wife...and a new house.. You are indeed a wealthy man.

    We all noticed that the only picture you posted was of your new truck.... and not your new truck with your wife standing in front of it and your new house.... Priorities man...priorities. : ) : )

  7. Nickbaldwin86

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    Ya my wife has made it clear she doesn't want pictures of here on the internet... (me posting them, because she has myface or spacebook, or what ever those lame social sites are called)

    And I am not going to give out the location of my properties to any one on the internet, aka house or address ;) I don't much like even posting pictures of my truck either, if you seen my other posts (here or other forums) you would notice I post very little and seldom about my truck.

    I use forums mainly for information, not getting to know people.... that is what facespace is for... and I don't do social sites
  8. stephan

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    Hi, I'm Stephan & from Souwest "Orygun", (not Ora gone) like all the peeps from the other parts of the country pronounce it. This looks like a great site and there are some really nice trucks shown on here.
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  9. DrmChld

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    Rogue Valley here... Anyone know of any good performance tuners in the area?

  10. stephan

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    Hey DC welcome to the GM truck club.
    I don't know if they cover performance tuning, but when I lived in Medford, Keith Schultz Garage was the class of the field, & they had a dyno.
    For machine work I don't think anybodies better than Lindvigs Machine on South Pacific Hwy, & for tires & wheels I think Eds Tires is the best.
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