Orifice tube issue or something else?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by Crazeetxn, May 6, 2011.

  1. Crazeetxn

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    So after a week or so of finally getting some freon in, I think I'm developing another problem...now the air is cold BUT!!!

    The hi-side line is hotter than h*** and I'm noticing the accumulator doesn't "sweat". Not even a little. Now I do get condesnation right behind the high side port, but that's the only place. I've heard that it could be the orifice tube, but I'm not sure if that's where it actaully is or if that's even my problem.


    As always, ya'll's help is MUCH apprecitated.
  2. clgoch187

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    what all have you done so far?
    any time you replace a compressor, the orifice tube and dryer should be replaced.....also find a shop that can flush your system out b4 recharging the system.
    and make sure that you deep vac for at least 30 min and then just let it set for a while to check for leaks, then charger with the recommended amount R143A.

    the A/C system should blow air approximately 30* lower than the outside air (unless its already really cold, could lead to freezing lines)
  3. Crazeetxn

    Crazeetxn Rockstar

    No compressor replacement...yet. Just changed a few seals. Pulled a vac for about 30 mins or so, let it set, didn't notice the needle move so I figured I didn't have any leaks. Charged it up and got it down to about 50F or so. Drove it around then checked it out...just the condensation behind the hi-side port.

    It's only $10 and I don't mind recharging, but is the tube even down there or is it somewhere else?
  4. clgoch187

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    not sure what exactly your workin on but you prolly wont find it in a chilton or haynes book....sometimes a good parts guy can look it up other wise try calling a dealer or join AllData.
  5. Chris Miller

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    Just look for a crimp in the line near the condenser. That's where your orifice tube is.

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