Original owners search for long lost car is over...i had it.

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    I bought this car on a trip looking for cars for two teen step daughters. I spotted it and mom hated it. Terrible first car for a teenage girl and she was right. We left but I turned around and drove back and bought the car and drove it home with the intention of a quick turn around. Three days later a step daughter borrowed the car and promptly destroyed the numbers matching motor. Destroying all possibility of any quick profit. This poor car was in terrible condition. Without any doubt, had anyone else bought this car it would have seen a junkyard death and nearly did anyway. I decided to build the car. A massive amount of work and way too much money. I used it as a daily driver and slowly but surely it took shape. Finding various parts were nearly impossible but after a year of searching I found the last body part to be able to finish body work and get her into primer. As I am very close to driving my redone suburban I put it on cl. The typical amount of circle jerks ensued and got a cash buyer from palm springs lined up for Monday. Saturday night at 10:15 I get a text. He had several questions and asked to call. I agreed. After a few questions on original color and interior I noticed the guy was getting quite emotional. Then asked for the vin number. I explained this was not an ss monte carlo. He then explained he had been searching for his fathers long lost originally purchased 1974 Monte carlo. He then went on to describe the car in impossible detail. When I interrupted him and said it had a cross drawn in blue marker on the pillars is when he broke into tears. A vin check confirmed in fact this was his fathers long lost car he work for five years in the fields to buy.I unwound the palm springs deal and agreed to take payments. I meet the entire family today in Sacramento so they can see the car.I was just telling my dad how I felt I did a good thing saving this car from a sure junkyard death.
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    What can I say? Wow that is one great beginning for one family and a huge uplifting to another. I commend you for your actions and hope all goes well . You get an A+ in my book. Job well done.:great:
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    That's awesome. Great story. Good for you.

    LOVINTHESTORM Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Heart warming story. You did an amwesome thing there. That was the way it was suppose to be.
  5. Coach24

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    Now when we get all of America to show this kind of mannerism we should be able to take her back. Keep up the good work. many Kudos.
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    good story, good job.
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    Amazing story, i'd be lyin if i said it didn't get me in touch with an emotional side that's been dead for a while, so thanks again. gonna call my older brother i just met a year ago n have a nice long talk with him.

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    Coach I got to hand it to you, you know what your talking about. I have to say though, yes that was a wonderful thing you did with the car and I too commend you on doing the best thing you could of done. I also commend you on listening to that inner voice that told you to go back and buy it in the first place. With all that said and not by any means to take away from what you done. This is the way people are supposed to interact with each other, it really is sad that it is so rare now days that it is considered somehow a gift or something. Well, like Coach said if we all got back to the basics of treating one another like Humans, neighbors, friends and realize that how ever you want to word it, what comes around goes around. This would be one awesome planet to live on as it was when I was much younger. Tmal1, thank you for being an in touch, caring human being and Coach, well you know. Awesome story. :glasses:
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    What can I say? You have a way with words that express my sentiments precisely. Well said young man.

    Now if T can just find my 72 Monte carlo and restore it I would be happy to make payments. J/k:rofl:

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    Steve had a great idea sometime ago( I could not find that thread) about building a truck for a charity auction/sale to benefit those in need. I thought it was a great idea but not sure where it went from the idea .
    I know demographics make it tough but if any one has the ability and facilities to do such a thing . It would be an awesome way of giving back .
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    Id settle for my '89 suburban that ran just fine before to just work right.

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