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Discussion in 'North America - Canada' started by rbramhill, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. rbramhill

    rbramhill Member

    Hey yall,

    Looking to see if there are any members in or near the ottawa valley?! Im in petawawa On. I wanna meet some locals. Im rather new to petawawa and want to get some truck guys together for sprin mud or coffees or anything

    lemme know

    cooommmmee on muddddd
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  2. silverhobey

    silverhobey Rockstar 3 Years 500 Posts

    welcome aboard from a fellow Canadian Member Brian:neutral:
  3. rbramhill

    rbramhill Member

    coburg thats near-ish to trenton right?
  4. prheaume

    prheaume New Member

    I'm from Quebec but if often go to Ottawa (about 3 to 4 times a year) visit my family. My cousin was based in Petawawa but since last summer she was transfered to New Brunswick. Petawawa is a really nice place to visit, I enjoyed the time spent there!

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