Outdoor Wood Furnaces Anyone?

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    Hey everyone,

    This year I will be heating the home with a WoodMaster 4400 Outdoor Wood Burning Furnace...


    I have never run one of these before, but have a good understanding of how they work and have seen them on a few jobs. My basic understanding is that the furnace heats water which then gets pumped into the house, and then through the baseboards. The furnace monitors the temp of the water and uses a fan to kick up a draft and hold the temp between 170 to 190. While this one isn't the prettiest looking furnace, the price of the heat for the Winter will only be time and a small amount of electricity. Lucky for me, I am surrounded with free wood. There is also a generator that can be plugged in to power the furnace in case of a power outage.

    My experience so far...
    I have spent a few past weekends getting my wood pile moved closer to the shed where the furnace is housed. Yesterday I decided to get her fired up for the season. All went well, until the water started boiling out of the vent on the top. The problem was the door was not shutting fully, so it was pulling a constant draft. I got the door to shut, refilled the water in the system, and I was back in business (or so I thought). This morning the temp was at 160 and the fan wasn't running. So I killed the power, took the cover off the fan, found a loose connection, and am now back in business. Although I had a bit of a rough start, there really isn't much else that can go wrong with the system. Seems to be working great now and the house is nice and warm.

    Anyone else out there running one of these?

    If so... Any tips, things to watch out for, or just your opinions on your systems would be nice to hear.

    *Also, there are many claims against the wood furnaces, saying they just produce thick nasty clouds of smoke. That is not the case when you have a good clean fire, using descent wood. Mine is in a shed perched on a hill with a 15'-20' chimney and I have no neighbors close to me to bother.

    Because every thread is better with pics...

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