Outer portion of tires getting eaten

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  1. It appears that I am currently dealing with this very issue. I really liked the idea of an aggressive AT tire, but I think a BFG would better suit my needs as 85% of the time I am on the road, not off road, mud, or snow. Basically I am just being very conscious about my speed on turns, esp right hand turns. I am thinking this will resolve my issue for the most part.

    Can anyone recommend another few good legit AT tires that will do better on the street but still formidable off road?
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    MASTERCRAFT COURSER A/T!!! I've pulled jacked up trucks out that had 35s and 37s Super Swampers and Mud Countrys and I was getting through the stuff they were stuck in to pull them out. Pulled 7 out one night 2 at once trying to rescue a 02 Z71 with Mud Country 35s. I wound up having to tow a giant Ford back home that night.

    I rotate every 2500-3000 miles and so far I've had them for around 20k wearing pretty good. About time to rotate them though.
  3. I don't Ike the tread pattern on the Courser A/T. However, the tread pattern in the C/T was a little more what I had in mind. I'm not currently looking for tires, but doing research way in advance can save a bunch of money and the heartache I am currently going through with tires that wear really quickly in the street (when driven hard).
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    Yeah I wanted C/T but decided against them since I tend to stay on pavement.
  5. Do you think I woul have the same issues with the C/Ts?
  6. Bump.......
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    No master crafts are pretty good. Esp if you rotate them regularly. I need an alignment done after I get my ball joints changed.

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